Gertjan – The very best of 2014

Gertjan – The very best of

One less in our house…

But first: That was really not the way of saying goodbye! Thanks to the extra time in yesterdays match Germany vs. Argentina I couldn’t say goodbye to Mr. Terminator. When I left our house yesterday to go to the ‘Club Germania’ I yelled: “THIS IS THE LAST TIME I LEAVE THE HOUSE AS A NOBODY. WHEN I RETURN, I WILL BE WORLD CHAMPION IN THE GLORIOUS SPORT OF FOOTBALL”. I kept my word and returned to home not as a loser. But I couldn’t say goodbye to Gertjan Loonstra, the man who had problems in every situation with the sizes of Peru. But his inner size is much more worth.

When he arrived in our house, it was from this moment filled with sound, colors and emotions. He is one of the guys, that expresses every feeling and is able to infect others with his good mood. In this way we were very very similar. I can’t really remember any really bad emotion. So he must be a very good actor or just full of the joys of life. I suspect the second.

He is one of the persons I really really miss – Especially because of the loss of sound, emotion and color in our house. Gertjan is a very intelligent and curious person. If there is any riddle or mystery he always tries to solve it with research or learning by doing. But also he is one guy that acts in his life very impulsively. If he has the dream to cycle to the university, he buys a bike. If he misses the sound of music in our house, he buys a guitar to fill it with sound. And if he had the dream to move free in this city and to make our own trips he decides to buy a car. But thank god the last plan couldn’t get realized. Because if, I would have missed a lot of good and funny conversations in our daily bus rides. Sex with animals for example…You know, what I mean? 😉

But he also likes to discuss with people. I really like to remember his discussion with Andrew at the Poker Night in our house or nearly every time he met our idiotic landlord Hakin as well as with our clueless Social Science teacher. For the most of ‘awkward’ situations in our house he was responsible. So guess who’s coming to dinner, Gertjan? No man, that’s not good. That’s very bad…

And I think, that Gertjan and me learned a lot from each other and succeeded to adjust us. That is in my opinion a very important fact for a good friendship. Always I felt very secure when I commit him things. But I never need to tell him: “Hey this is top secret – Don’t retell it please”. For him it was always an act of honor to help people, to show his friendly ear for everybody who is in need and to motivate people + give them recommendations.

I called him Mr. Terminator, when we were climbing to the Lake 69 in Huaraz. For two reasons: The first one is that he and me loved the lack of originality from the Peruvians. Nearly every brand has a “Mr.” in his name (Mr. CoolWater, Mr. Chips, Mr. Sushi, Mr. Musculo, etc…). The other reason was his performance whilst we climbed up the mountains. His physical advantages compared to the rest of the humanity were shown clearly again. He carried a heavy bagpack up the mountains, was one of the first persons there and when I arrived completely out of energy, he took a bath in the 3° cold lagoon.

From the first evening we cooked together, he was my fan. But Gert – From the first day I walked across from Surco to whole Miraflores (with Erik and Lisa) I felt a good friendship growing. And I really hope that it will last longer than just one semester!!

Finally I have one question to you, Gertjan: “What this? Is this cheese?”

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