13 reasons why to study the master degree “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM


Approximate reading time: 18 minutes

You finished your Bachelor degree successfully? Congratulations! So what to do next in life?

  • Working 40 hours a week badly paid for a soulless enterprise that squeezes you physically out with a ‘Junior Assistant’-position? Maybe, that’s what the majority of your fellow students will do!
  • Going on a long travel? Maybe, but you probably don’t have enough funds. Studying is expensive!
  • Adding a master study? There we go, good idea!

You feel not satisfied with the job opportunities and want to gamble for a higher salary with a higher degree. Or you don’t feel at your educational and intellectual limit of performance. Or you simply love the student life so goddamn much, that you simply want to postpone the strict working environment and rather continue a lazy student life? Or you “don’t really know what you want to do in life” and continue studying?

If you studied a commercial or economic study you’ll probably want to continue studying in that area. Maybe you have informed yourself about studying in Spain or have already studied in Spain. It is a wonderful country with great weather conditions, tasty food and beautiful women. Compared to many other countries, you pay less and can finish your degree in faster time. Read this blog article to find out, why it would be worth to enroll for “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM in Murcia.

Reason number 1: Non EU/EEA students pay less money for the same education

After the last undeserved raise of the costs of “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM in Murcia for the students of 2017/2018, all students have to pay 5.900 EUR for this specific study. This is quite a lot of money, I paid one year earlier 3.850 EUR as an EU/EEA student for the exact same thing.

But compared to other universities in Europe who offer Master’s degrees as well, it is still a good catch. The question, if 5.900 EUR are justified or not should be answered elsewhere. But according to mastersportal.eu  you will pay as an EU/EEA student more than the average in Spain:

Therefore, a typical Master’s programme of 60 ECTS per academic year could cost between 1.320 and 2.160 EUR/year. These fees apply to all international students.

Wow, compared to these information, UCAM seems to be quite expensive when comparing the costs amongst all universities in Spain. But as an Non-EU student, the average fees must be a paradise. Usually Non-EU/EEA students are in European universities milked with study fees, that cost in average almost double than for EU-students:

Average tuition fees for Master’s degrees in Europe:

5.100 EUR/year for EU/EEA-students;
10.170 EUR/year for students outside EU/EEA.

As an EU/EEA-student has to pay at UCAM in Murcia more than the average in Europe, a Non-EU/EEA is with the recent study fees at UCAM of 5.900 EUR far below the European average. Another argument, why studying at UCAM is attractive for non-EU/EEA prospects when comparing the European average costs.

Reason number 2: Compared to other Master degrees in Europe, you need less time

Usually the study time is from November until September the following year. You will need only 11 months of your precious life time to complete your degree. If you are one of the fast ones, you can write your Master’s thesis until June and be even finished within 8 months. That’s super fast, only Flash Gordon is faster. Usually the studies for a Master degree will take up to two years. At UCAM in Murcia you will only need the half of the time. And efficient people like to save time.

Reason number 3: You will have an international degree

I was doubting first, because the official homepage of UCAM is at least in English language quite unprofessional, incomplete and doesn’t give all answers that an interested prospect is looking for. For instance, I could not find any information regarding the validity and authenticity of the title itself. And there are more Clown-universities than you can think of who rake in your money and issue you a title that would be only worth as toilet paper or barbecue lighter. That’s why I asked one of the staff members and received the following answer:


According to this beautiful girl, the study is recognized from ANECA (Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación) as valid in every country of the world. If you had the same concerns, because the English homepage of UCAM didn’t give this information, you now have an argument more to enroll yourself for the course.


Reason number 4: Some things you will get for free at UCAM 

It’s hard to believe, because usually you have to pay for every little thing in your life. Regardless if you are a student with a low budget or not, people want to earn money with you. But if you are studying, some things at UCAM are free. I remember at least three of them:

  • Free welcome package: Nice gesture! You receive as a beginner a little box with a t-shirt, some stationary supplies and vouchers.
  • Free language course: You have the option to attend a cost-free course in Spanish to obtain a A1, A2, B1 or B2 level.
  • Free tickets: UCAM sometimes gives away free tickets for their sport teams. The basketball team plays in the first Spanish league, the football team in the second Spanish league.

Although these are only smaller things, also minor gestures can make a student very happy.

Reason number 5: You don’t need any educational background in Innovation, Marketing or Tourism

I was first very skeptical. Innovation was only a very small part during my Bachelor study of ‘International marketing’ but Tourism wasn’t at all part of it. So the only professional knowledge in tourism I had before this study was being a tourist myself. Would it be enough to pass the study “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” ? Or would it be even enough to be accepted for the study?

At the end there wasn’t anything to worry about. The study didn’t require any professional knowledge in tourism:


“From the academic point of view, the only thing we need from you it is a passion for tourism, a good attitude and your attendance to all the lessons and activities that will be organized within the year. No previous work, neither experience or expertise is need it, so you can relax and enjoy your holidays.”

Well, the study itself did not have a very high difficulty level. But calling it from an official staff member a ‘holiday’ is a little bit too jejune. We are talking at least about a whole study course, where thousands of EUR are invested. That would be a quite expensive holiday. And by the way: I bought the book he suggested cheap at amazon.com as a used edition (new editions were too expensive) and needed to have a look exactly zero times during my study.

But also in our course there were students from a complete different background without any previous experience in one of these three disciplines. And all passed successfully and easily the course.

Reason number 6: Your university looks like Hogwarts

Fans of Harry Potter should pay attention now. You will study in an old Roman cloister. Unfortunately we weren’t told how old the building or the university itself is, but the Catholics must’ve been a quite wealthy gang a few centuries ago when we would take a look at the pictures:

This pompous countenance of a university motivated me a little bit more to go every day to the university. It’s a difference if you walk every day to a building like Hogwarts or – as in my case with the university where I did my Bachelor – an ugly industrialized building.

I prefer the building like Hogwarts:

A beautiful architecture

Reason number 7: You will probably learn a few new techniques

An individual reason of course and depends and your former education and what kind of learning techniques you had. I didn’t learn a new technique, because what we had to do during classes and for the exams was already pretty known to me from my educational career before. But several other students, especially from Asia, told the class, that they haven’t had either in their undergraduate study or in their school career any group work or speaking and presenting without notes in front of the class to do. 

I was very surprised of listening to their way of studying. It must be a very boring student life to only read books, write essays and learn for exams. Especially working with others together helps to be prepared for the rough world of working, where it is essential to work not only for others but also with others together to reach a common goal. Same with speaking and presenting without notes in front of the class. Especially in the executive part of Tourism and Marketing it is essential to present your own work and project in front of an audience, sometimes even a full concert hall. 

A lot of students could really improve in these two disciplines and the fact, that you are doing it in English, sharpens your language skills as well.


Reason number 8: Your class members are international and you learn from them

The funniest part is, that there wasn’t any Spanish student in the 2016/2017 edition of the study. All 27 students came from 18 different countries:





Quite a colorful mix, isn’t it? And if so many people from different continents, nationalities and cultures come together, than you inevitably will also learn from them. It’s very interesting to listen to their stories and how things are at the other side of the world. For instance with the learning techniques I was writing about in the reason number 7 before.

Reason number 9: There are many excursions – And some of them are even interesting

Going to a university means to expose with mere theories and dusty old knowledge? Might be, but not at UCAM. The knowledge we obtained and the topics we learned were quite recent. Besides that, we had the opportunity to go on several interesting excursions during our time. Mostly they were organized from other professors or from students from the bachelor course of tourism.

I remember an interesting excursion to Caravaca de la Cruz to understand religious motivated tourism. Or an excursion to FiBu, one of the world biggest tourism trade shows in Madrid. We visited as well Alicante where we had the option to take a look behind the scenes of the regional government and how they are organizing the tourism in a structural way.

All these excursions were tailored and specialized for us students and gave insights in some professions around the tourism industry.

Reason number 10: Not only the Master is cheap – Living costs in Murcia are as well

The south of Spain offers much and requests little. Living costs are very low and a good argument for a study in Murcia.. You can not only sit at home and go to the university. Some people like also to go out for a cocktail, would like to try out the local tapas bars or watch a movie in the cinema. But it all costs money. Students usually don’t have a lot of it. And in that case, Murcia could be an interesting alternative for people with a low budget. In comparison with the bigger cities in Spain like Madrid or Barcelona, the city of Murcia offers quite moderate prices for everyone. To name a few, I checked the recent prices in January 2018 online:

  • 1 liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk €0.83
  • 1 bottle of red table wine, good quality €4.96
  • 2 liters of Coca-Cola €1.32
  • Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished accommodation in NORMAL area €463
  • Internet 8 Mbps (1 month) €27
  • Hourly rate for cleaning help €8
  • 1 liter (1/4 gallon) of gas €1.28
  • Standard men’s haircut in expat area of the city €11
  • 2 tickets to the movies €14
  • 1 month of gym membership in business district €35
  • 1 beer in neighborhood pub (500ml or 1pt.) €2.57

And I must say, that these prices should only be seen as an indication. Either the prices raised within the last year, or the people who inserted them simply don’t know how to live economically. As far as I remember, I paid for my haircut only €5, for my monthly gym membership less than €30 a month and for a liter of beer only €2. And a real man doesn’t need more to live anyway.

Reason number 11: You have a very professional support during your Master Thesis

This reason depends of course on the professor you will have. In my case I can tell, that I was very lucky, because I had the best supervisor of my whole educational career. My special thanks again here to Mrs. Maria Dolores Gil Quiles who didn’t only help me during that time, she also lead my path and gave me enough inspiration and fuel to make a successful ending: My Master’s thesis was at the end rated with the highest degree of the whole course.

Here you can have luck or bad luck who will be your destiny. After having extreme bad luck with a lazy and incompetent study coordinator, it was more than a jackpot to have received a supervisor who has several decades of experience in her field of action, Señora Gil Quiles was very proactive and helped me also with her motivation. When I had my doubts to have a clear disadvantage because of only being able to start with the thesis 3 months before the deadline, she took it easy and gave me enough educational framework to make sure that then structure was given right from the beginning. 

Although I had only the opportunity to meet her twice before I was heading to my internship in Paraguay, it was enough to know, that I am with a professional and caring member of the staff. All further contact was made via eMail. Regardless of a time difference and a summer break of one full month, I was in good hands and it was enough care to write 212 pages.


Reason number 12: Good schedules allow a leisurely life

Very Good news for all long sleepers who drank the evening before or need to work in the mornings. The classes for the Master study start at 4:30 PM in the afternoon, right after the Spanish siesta. Although it was late in the afternoon, I still came several times too late too class 🙂

You will usually have a break at 6:30 PM for half an hour and will then continue until 8:30 PM max. This schedule of four hours in four days lets you have 16 hours of contact hours and approximately 15 – 20 hours of group work and essay’s every week. Depending of course on the time you will need for everything outside of the university. But still I must say, that the week itself for a student can’t be more chill than in Murcia. Of eight months in Murcia, I had unfortunately only one month to enjoy as a full student. To finance my study, I was working every day for six hours approximately. Compared to other students, I had a 70 hours-week. But it was more than worth it. So I can say at least, that I was financing my study on my own and did not beg at parents or government for help.

Reason number 13: Good weather, tasty food, many parties and the beach is very close

The most important thing for a student is to know about all the amenities around the study itself. What Murcia has to offer around its pompous university is quite attractive.

If you like hot temperatures, you will have found the right place to be. In winter times it usually never gets colder than 12 degrees celsius (Only exemption: 18th of January 2017 when it snowed for the first time in Murcia since 36 years) and in summer times you can enjoy temperatures about 40 degrees celsius. My Finnish housemate these days had quite some problems with the temperatures. But as a snowman you should not swallow too much sunshine. Everyone else appreciated the good temperatures.

Food tastes very good in southern Europe and kitchen can be described as Mediterranean style: Light food, a lot of fish and rather oil and vinegar instead of heavy sauces. Besides that, the Murcia region is famous for its citrus fruits. You will almost everywhere you go find a tree with fresh lemons, oranges or mandarines. What I also liked were many traditional restaurants in Murcia. Of course there are as well some Yankee-Fast Food restaurants, but many tasty tapas are prepared on a traditional Spanish way. You would like that!

Party animals can live out there life and be in their full element. Murcia is famous as a city where many young people live, thanks to two bigger universities and a lot of other colleges, schools, etc. Not only at weekends there are many opportunities to go out and have fun during the evenings. And it’s usually possible to celebrate until the early morning.

Also the beaches are very close and worth to see. You will only need around 45 minutes to arrive at the closest beach there is. And as a student with a lot of free time you can enjoy the almost empty beaches out of the main season.

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