A self-portrait

My name is Phil, but some people call me Hassan.

Hello there young explorer, nice of you to visit my modest blog. Although I would prefer, if the content receives all the attention and spotlight it deserves, it can’t be wrong to dedicate a few words here and there about myself. I am more than 30 years old and although the nationality might be interesting for you, I would prefer to stay cosmopolitan. Let’s just say, Hassan is from Tajikistan and in winter is very cold there.

I would rather write about the destinations I have been at the moment and want to go than where I am from.

Over the years I gained valuable life experience due to international jobs, studies, travels and contacts I made. Living in several countries abroad strengthened my abilities to connect with people from all over the world, as well as adapting fast in new environments. One could say, I’m like a chameleon, but half as ugly. During all these years, several people motivated me to “write all these nice things down that you see and share it with the world.” Mmhhhh, finally that day has come now!

Being realistic all the time and thinking big has allowed me to do what I have done in the past years. I studied ‘International Marketing’ and ‘Innovation and Tourism Marketing’ and love all these uncommon things you don’t see every day. Thanks to globalization, I learned in the meantime to speak at least four languages fluently. So it can happen from time to time, that I am publishing an article either in Spanish, Dutch or German instead of our major worldwide language English.

So I have the opportunity to let my audience participate with the topics I like: Cooking and banqueting, the awesome ridiculous lifestyle I life, things I like and – of course – Traphiling.

The most important reason for me of setting up this blog is to not forget about the things I do. So predominantly I’m writing all these stories, take all these pictures and have all these efforts with the website in order to preserve the good time I’m having at the moment. I’m doing it for myself, but would be happy, to steal some of your precious time with it.


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