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My name is Phil and traveling is my passion. I studied ‘Innovation, Marketing and Tourism’ and consider the world as my home, because I don’t feel attached to just one place. After many years of work and study experience abroad, I speak five languages fluently and gained intercultural competences. Especially Latin America fascinated me and I fell in love with the vibrant and colorful continent.

I am blessed with all the experiences I could make in the last years. One day I thought to write some of the most distinct memories down to support other travelers who were looking for information, guidance or help in their situation.

Next to traveling, I consider writing as my passion. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope that you find what you’re looking for.

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There is so much to discover on this site. Start by browsing through my travel journal. You can read a lot of stories in three different languages and find thrilling travel stories, insider reports and much more.

What I am – My 5 travel principals

These are my 5 major axioms I wish to convey through traveling

  1. Authentic <-> Tell a story
  2. Enriching <-> Create valuable content
  3. Inspiring <-> Convey the passion of traveling
  4. Recommending <-> Give first-hand information
  5. Perceptive <-> Inform and entertain in a contemporary way

What I am not – 5 mistaken identities

These characteristics you won’t be able find on my page

  1. Gonzo <-> Sell a story
  2. Purely descriptive <-> Blogging off the rack
  3. Imperious <-> Instruct others what they should do
  4. Self-staging <-> Steal attention from the destination
  5. Overbearing <-> Tell my readers how they should travel
Latitude Zero in Ecuador
Perfectly equilibrated at the middle of the world in Ecuador.
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