Who is an artist? In my opinion, it is someone who is able to create controversial content from a creative process, that either entertains or is thought-provoking.

Unfortunately, some artistic talents like the beaux-arts were not cradled to me. What I wanna say is, that I never had my talents in visual arts and won’t ever be a gifted and capable sculptor, architect or painter. Neither will I become anyhow affiliated with music, although I like to listen to it every day – my fingers are designed for other talents than playing an instrument or compose an opera.

Then there is literature. Perhaps I will write and publish one day a book, that was always one of my wishes. I really like to write and you as well like to read, that’s why you are following here every paragraph very attentive. But to be honest: I know, that I really won’t be awarded in my life with the next Nobel Prize for literature. And if that should happen contrary to all odds, then the jury was drunk or I had a fling with the female jury members. Or maybe both.

So what’s left then would be the performing arts. And here we go: Thanks to some semi-professional movie software, everyone can become a director and create his/her own little movie clips. I did the same since school times and some of the work is already published and available on Youtube. Please let me present some of the finest moments I was working on for hours.

Kicking Caspars ass down the stairs of Machu Picchu

It was June 2014. We all were in our in our semester abroad in Lima, Peru and everyone was infected with the travel disease. Caspar suggested to go to Machu Picchu. I accepted, but made it a premise to be allowed to ‘kick his ass down the stais of Machu Picchu’. He agreed. Easier said than done.

Iguazu Falls Brazil

One of the most beautiful experiences in my life was to visit the Iguazu Falls in Brazil, which are after the famous Niagara Falls the second largest falls of the world. I was stunned by that natural beauty and all the things you’re supposed to see there.

It was for me the first ‘real introductory UGC-video’ and a very important lesson to learn: Always film in wide screen!!

Lugh – The Meowvie

Once, there was a cat. Usually you would expect them to be shy, smart and elegant. Not with the red and fat cat I was living with and reminded me always of Garfield. Ladies and Gentlemen, please let me introduce the world’s most loveable cat, Lugh!

Gamarra Market

How are markets and shopping supposed to be? Everything else than what I discovered in Lima. One of the neighborhoods, called Gamarra, has a completely chaotic organized system, that always impressed me. People try to sell you globes on the street, everywhere strange smells and products and discounts, discounts, discounts. Everything tries to catch your attention. But take a look yourself:

Parque Moises Bertoni

According to the YouTube statistics, this video is the most viewed one of my projects. I still try to find out why. Maybe it is, because Paraguay doesn’t have any remarkable and world famous tourism destinations. Parque Moises Bertoni close to the Argentinean border is definitely one of them. Check it out and please review it!


When I was studying my Master’s in Murcia, I bought some skates and discovered the city and everything around. And they had quite beautiful things to show around. That’s why I thought to record some ‘Skatepisodes’, a mix of all the discoveries you make during skating. During the recordings for the second episode, I made an incredible 30km ride, but fell very badly on my wrists which took almost four months to heal completely. I decided to rather stop that and try it again later. Maybe this later will come soon 🙂

But it was slow tourism anyway, because I was a goddamn rookie on these skates and fell more than one time.


More will follow soon. Or later. Or never. Who knows.

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