Inventive Latin American product branding (3): The doctor’s advice


As an alumnus of two Marketing related studies I am always interested about “How to connect to the customer”. If you are not Coca Cola, Adidas or Burger King and therefore far away from the relevant set, it might be quite difficult to reach the consumer. Because of this you will need to have a strong brand name to catch customers’ attention. Unfortunately the best seats are already taken, what a bummer! So why not trying it with the easy way? Very suboptimal idea as I will show you now with a couple of wonderful examples, that I have seen across my travels to South America.


Whenever I hear talking about a doctor, I have the imagination of white gowns, the smell of disinfectant spray and someone with a lamp on his forehead. I automatically think about a doctor of medicine, although there are several other doctoral studies possible, such as Dr. jur., Dr. phil., Dr. oec. etc. But my first is always dedicated to the men and women whose profession is to heal other people. A doctor title gives a man or a woman reputation and prestige. The enhancement of a Dr. to the real name makes a difference amongst all commons.

After the other article I wrote a few weeks ago I thought, that it might be a good idea to summarize and analyze some brands in South America who are trying to bask in the light of fame of a doctor. Let’s take a look, if this article can be as funny as the previous one about all the Misters in South America.

Doctor Cell – Quito, Ecuador


Doctor Cell has a very small store at Avenida Cristobal Colon in Quito next to an Oki Doki shop. Many more information I couldn’t get about Doctor Cell, there is neither a homepage, nor a Facebook profile available. Probably you can let your mobile phone (in Spanish: ‘celular’) repair in that store, because the key visual holds one in his hands. Or you can go maybe to Doctor Cell to let your body cells heal.

Dr. Clean – Quito, Ecuador


I don’t remember where and when I took this picture, but supposedly it’s from Ecuador, because I can see a little Ecuadorian flag on the left bottom. Okay, after a quick Google-check I can say, that it’s an Ecuadorian company. Hmmm, thinking now about the mind transfer from hygiene to health to doctor. You only need a doctor, when you are sick. Not when you want to clean your house or body. Not convincing idea!