Inventive Latin American product branding (2): The power of the Inca


(Approximate reading time: 5 minutes)

South America is a very colorful continent. Many cultures, many people, many races, many ethnicities, many languages. But not so many countries. Only 12 different states counts the continent of 17,8 million km². To all fans of the non-metric system who don’t have any idea how many miles this is: It’s quite a lot! The whole continent was colonized by ancient European royal dynasties hundred of years ago and still today the roots of the South American continent are deeply visible.

Before the Spanish and Portuguese conquerer came to the American continents, not many advanced civilizations existed. Naming here especially the advanced civilizations from the Peruvian tribes who cultivated corn and implemented the pottery 2,000 bc. and later the metal processing with gold and bronce. And the Inca still have a have a very high credit and reputation within the Peruvian population because all the achievements and acquisitions they made. Peruvian people are proud people. And their proud is reflected amongst several products and service they offer.

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