7 reasons to study the masters degree “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM

Insider Report

Hey there! You clicked this article because you’re looking for first-hand information about the master study ‘Innovation and Tourism Marketing’ at UCAM. As an alumnus of this study program, I know pretty well both the content and the related people of it. As always, a decision for a study isn’t easy to make. There are always some advantages and disadvantages. I would like to help you and make your decision easier by giving some valuable insight. Please read this article, if you want to find out more about 7 reasons to study the Master’s degree “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM.

Approximate reading time: 20 minutes

(Last update: June 4, 2021)


You finished your Bachelor degree successfully? Congratulations! So what to do next in life?

• Working 40 hours a week badly paid for a soulless enterprise that squeezes you physically and psychologically out with a ‘Junior Assistant’-position? Maybe, that’s what the majority of your fellow students will do!
• Travel the world? Maybe, but you probably don’t have enough funds. Studying is expensive!
• Adding a master’s study to your accolades? There we go, good idea!

You feel not satisfied with the job opportunities and want to gamble for a higher salary with a higher degree. Or you don’t feel at your educational and intellectual limit of performance. Or you simply love the student life so goddamn much, that you simply want to postpone the strict working environment and rather continue a lazy student life? Or you “don’t really know what you want to do in life” and continue studying?

If you studied a commercial or economic study you’ll probably want to continue studying in that area. But also, a Bachelor in Tourism Management is a good start. Maybe you have informed yourself about studying in Spain or have already studied in Spain. It is a wonderful country with great weather conditions, tasty food, and beautiful women. Compared to many other countries, you pay less and can finish your degree in a faster time. Read this blog article to find out, why it would be worth enrolling for “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at UCAM in Murcia.

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