How to get a Masters degree from UCAM (Innovation and Tourism Marketing)

What does it take next to accomplish a Master’s study from UCAM? The theory. The practice. A written and defended thesis. And a lot of patience with their 3rd world administration.

And 2.5 years of patience to deal with complete useless people from administration and an impudent and useless study coordinator from UCAM.

How much weighs a dream?

How much weighs a dream? Is the dream heavier or lighter when fulfilled? Is it even possible for a dream to leave a physical weight inside of us?

I was always curious finding out the answers to these questions.

Cuanto pesa un sueño?

¿Cuánto pesa un sueño? ¿Es nuestro cuerpo más pesado o más liviano cuando se cumple el sueño? ¿Es posible que un sueño deje un peso físico dentro de nosotros?

Siempre tuve curiosidad por encontrar las respuestas a estas preguntas.