Be equilibrated and balanced at the ‘Middle of the world’

Harmony. Zen. Balance. Peace. Don’t we all strive for that? There is one single place in the world, where you can have guaranteed equilibration. To go there, you need to visit Quito in Ecuador, the highest capital of the world. If you don’t have an own car, it’s a real odyssey to arrive their with public transport. I needed three different busses and two hours to get to the middle of the world.

5 reasons to live in Quito and 5 reasons to leave Quito

Quito! Capital of Ecuador! And at the same time the highest capital of the world! But how can that be with ‘only’ 2,850 m in altitude? Quito is as well the capital of the world, that is located closest to the equator.

I had the opportunity to be in Quito for three months. Sober and realistically analyzed, I must say, that it was a valuable experience in my life. Read here five analytical reasons to live in Quito, but on the other hand as well five reasons that made me leave the city again. I want to be equilibrated and balanced as the equator.