Trapped in paradise: Day 12 in Santo Domingo with the Coronavirus

It’s already day 12 since the governmental measures in the Dominican Republic came into force to combat the Coronavirus.

How did life change since then for the oldest city on the American continent and its population?

7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

This article is dedicated to all the random but odd encounters in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. Dominicans will probably be bored and stop reading because for them it’s nothing new or special I am writing about. But everyone else will be probably well entertained because of the weird but authentic stories I will share.

How much weighs a dream?

How much weighs a dream? Is the dream heavier or lighter when fulfilled? Is it even possible for a dream to leave a physical weight inside of us?

I was always curious finding out the answers to these questions.

Viceroyalty carnival of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo 2020

How do people celebrate carnival in the Dominican Republic? Is there carnival in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo?

Read this article to find out more about a new and invented form of carnival in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo that looks very history-charged at first appearance.

Caño Hondo – A natural waterpark in the Dominican Republic

Approximate reading time: 9 minutes I like water and water activities. But I prefer fresh water rather than saltwater. There is a very beautiful construction very close to Sabana de la Mar in the south of Samaná Bay. It’s called Paraíso Caño Hondo and has very inviting installments to discover. Especially the natural waterpark opens…

Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province

Approximate reading time: 7 minutes One good thing about the Dominican Republic is, that it has much more things to offer than just beaches and seasides. Especially waterfalls are scattered across the whole country. But what makes these waterfalls in the Dominican Republic especially interesting is that they are rather neglected from the local population….

5 reasons to live in Santo Domingo and 5 reasons to leave Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic is a magnificent tourism destination in the Caribbean. Many holidays begin in the capital of Santo Domingo and its Colonial Zone to welcome the visitor with a historical flair.

But what about living in Santo Domingo? What are good reasons to live in the Dominican capital? And why should you leave the city again? How is life in Santo Domingo for an expat?

Read in this article, what life in the oldest city on the American continent really means for a foreigner.

Laguna Redonda – The little neighbor of Montaña Redonda

If you are familiar with tourism in the Dominican Republic and like to travel, you probably have heard already of Montaña Redonda. This is a famous tourism excursion on the top of a hilly area where you have a stunning 360 degrees with to the adjacent valleys. But have you ever heard about the little neighbor Laguna Redonda?

10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

The Peruvian kitchen is world famous and a culinary delight for even the most critical gourmets. During my time in Peru I had the joy to discover a lot of brilliant flavors, aromatic spices and tasty sauces in a variety of excellent dishes. Therefore, it’s not an accident, that the Peruvian kitchen is seen as the best kitchen of the world. At least if you ask every Peruvian.

5 reasons to live in Quito and 5 reasons to leave Quito

Quito! Capital of Ecuador! And at the same time the highest capital of the world! But how can that be with ‘only’ 2,850 m in altitude? Quito is as well the capital of the world, that is located closest to the equator.

I had the opportunity to be in Quito for three months. Sober and realistically analyzed, I must say, that it was a valuable experience in my life. Read here five analytical reasons to live in Quito, but on the other hand as well five reasons that made me leave the city again. I want to be equilibrated and balanced as the equator.