First journal entry 2014

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Hello and welcome to my first journal entry!


For tumblr I decided to summarize all the influences, all the experiences, all the things I’ve seen in a stylistic way for the people that know me and the people that want to become acquainted with me. I prefer informational self-definition, keeping the users privacy data (hopefully) more private and finding an alternative to the odious network Facebook.

Two days ago I arrived in Peru to stay there for about six month to study for one semester in Lima. After this time I will do a little round trip to South America.

All in all I can’t wait to force this time – But unfortunately the last two days I’ve been kicked out due to jet lag. Today it is raining – And therefore the best way to rub up my blog and prepare my first entry here. I hope for a lot of informative, funny and unique contributions for all interested people.

Last but not least I want to thank all the people that enabled or helped me to realize this trip to South America. I also want to thank those people that never lost the faith in me.

Best regards and see you soon!


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