Sunset at Playa Los Patos in the Dominican Republic


Los Patos is one of the most visited beaches in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. But not only the beach is called Los Patos. The shortest river in the Dominican Republic also bears this unusual name and flows into the Caribbean Sea. I had the opportunity to visit this beach to see a breathtaking sunset. Luckily, I could take some nice photos and videos before it got dark at Las Patos in the Dominican Republic.

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If you read my last article about the allegedly shortest river in the world, then you are already well informed. If not, I recommend reading the article about the river which has the same name. You will find out why some Dominicans take the term ‘bathing in the river’ too literally and how the river got his unusual name.

Is Los Patos in the Dominican Republic the shortest river in the world?

I heard a lot of people in the Dominicans and expats talking, that Los Patos is the shortest river in the world. But is that really true or just a fishy story?

Sunset at Los Patos

Dominicans not only call their river Los Patos, but also the entire small village and the adjacent beach. If you wanted to lie flat on a towel to enjoy the sunshine, please let me advise the following: Like most beaches in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, Los Patos does not consist of fine sand, but coarse pebbles. To enjoy the beach as comfortably as possible and to loiter around for a few hours, a beach chair might be the better choice.

Now I got there relatively late in the evening. Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to take some beautiful photos. The following video gives a rough idea of how beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean can be. And whether the beach consists of sand or pebbles, you rather focus on what the sky offers you.

6 PM

That was around 6 p.m. Half an hour later the sky had almost completely swallowed the sun and shrouded the horizon in an orange-golden hue. With the palm trees in the background, a truly picturesque moment was decorated in a tropical manner.

Dominican Republic - Barahona - Playa Los Patos


At 6 p.m., the beach was almost deserted and it was the perfect moment for a few vacation photos.

Los Patos


If this chair is intended for lifeguards, they will look in the wrong direction during your working hours.

Not only the delicate pastel tones on the edge of the sky or the wide view on the beach make a sunset a very special experience. I like being able to feel and record this change of light and color every minute. A five-minute difference in time can make a big difference during observation and change a lot in the perception.

Playa Los PatosPlaya Los Patos
Left: 6:25 PM
Right: 6:31 PM

6:30 PM

9 months later

Almost nine months later I visited Los Patos again. Don’t worry, this infamous period is just a pure coincidence and had no intention. This time, however, I wasn’t late at the beach. More around 5 p.m. With better lighting conditions, the beach looks a lot different.

5 PM

Now the beach has its charm without the sunset. Boats and palm trees give Los Patos its typical Caribbean flair even by daylight.

But I like every beach better at sunset. A visit to the beach is always nice, but most of the time always the same and replaceable.

Playa Los Patos
The wooden footbridge symbolizes the boulevard of Playa Los Patos

For me, a visit to the beach is enhanced when the sun sets and the sky is shrouded in breathtaking colors. This is how a normal beach visit becomes an unforgettable experience. And the sunset at Playa Los Patos in the Dominican Republic was an unforgettable visit at the beach.

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