Botanic garden in Gothenburg

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Although Gothenburg seems to be a rocky and hilly area very close to the beach, it consists of many green landscapes to relax in natural surroundings and have a good time. The first little travel experience I made in Sweden was the Botanic Garden in Gothenburg. 175 hectares of nature in the middle of the city. This place was a real oasis of exotic plants and flowers and good for starting the day.



As always when I travel and want to take some beautiful photos, weather conditions are challenging me. A very cloudy and grey morning in Gothenburg made it very complicated to capture some good footage. I learned to be grateful for a couple of sunny minutes and enjoy the few rays of the sun more than ever.

Swedish summers can be cold and windy!

Best place: The waterfall of the botanic garden in Gothenburg

My absolute favorite was the video of the waterfall I made:


Luckily, sunshine was coming out exactly during this moment. One thing to keep in mind about the Botanic Garden in Gothenburg is its beautiful waterfall. Definitely worth the climb.

Botanic Garden in Gothenburg, Sweden 🇸🇪
The waterfall.

The botanic garden in Stockholm is ideal for those who enjoy slow tourism

Usually, I like to discover these natural places in slow tourism mode to see everything one place has to offer. Having the maximum of joy and experiences of a place, it takes some hours to discover everything. Hunting places and being jumping around is something I don’t like.

But time was, unfortunately, ticking also for me this morning and I have had to work in the afternoon. Thus, I was speeding up to see whatever this Botanic Garden had to offer me and my friends in one hour.


Some areas like the exotic tribe house were closed down because of Covid regulations and there were as well plenty of construction sides that limited the visitor’s area as well. All in all, I wasn’t blessed with all the circumstances but had to deal with it anyhow. Better a little bit of time than nothing. Good to have some friends aboard who join the visit:

Unfortunately, I have had to exit the park earlier than I wanted. Duties! Usually, I would have spent there approximately 3 – 4 hours to have the full experience. The ideal timing for a morning or afternoon. For that limited amount of time, I’m quite happy and satisfied with the outcome of photos and videos of this place.

Is it worth visiting the Botanic Garden in Gothenburg?

All in all, the botanic garden is a place I would like to recommend to every visitor and traveler in Gothenburg. If you would have to pay an admission, it’s worth the money. But there aren’t any costs to enter if you disregard the way from and to the place. The botanic garden in Gothenburg is for free.

Without any direct costs involved, the Botanic Garden place is even more worth visiting. Especially when these colors welcome you:

Lush and colorful arrangement

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