A location-based recommendation app that helps users with the transition to find like-minded offline gaming partners for their favorite games.

Connect online.

Meet offline.

Play Fline.

Philosophy of Fline

Fline aims to become the first contact point and transition for offline gamers. The main goal is to create and foster communities and make people have a great time when they play games.

Who is the target audience?

Two main groups exist:

  • Hosts of catering establishments (owners)

  • Guests of catering establishment (offline gamers)

Why an app for that?

  • no real competition
  • support the catering industry after Covid
  • help offline gamers to find each other
  • profit from micro transactions

User research

I did compelling research and the outcome was a big success for me and my project. I gained valuable insights about offline gamers and their preferences.

66 participants from 18 different countries.

Key Outcomes

User Persona

Daniel (low user)

  • 25-30 years old
  • Long-term student
  • Liberal left
  • Income: $15.000 per year
  • Goes out 6/30 days
  • 🇩🇪

Daniel searches for other gamers to connect and to build up new friendships. He doesn’t know where to find other gamers or locations in the city.

Daniel wants to find:

  • new people
  • ways to connect
  • free WiFi
  • free games, fun, no payments
  • cool functions and gamification

Tommy (medium user)

  • 40-49 years old
  • Mechanic
  • Captain of a Darts Club
  • Income: $30.000 per year
  • Goes out 7/30 days
  • 🇬🇧

Tommy can’t find new players and always competes with the same people. He loves his game but is bored of the repetition. He looks for the right people.

Tommy wants to find:

  • challengers
  • competition
  • players on his level
  • bet and win money
  • record and save games

Raquel (heavy user)

  • 30-40 years old
  • Divorced and kids
  • Gambles and bets
  • Salary: $45.000 per year
  • Goes out 11/30 days
  • 🇪🇸

Raquel searches for organized tournaments and gambling rounds to earn money close to where she lives. But she would also travel to play with others.

Raquel wants to find:

  • other gamblers
  • entertainment
  • good locations
  • people who bet money
  • easy payment transactions

Gathering requirements and product development

Why do users need Fline?

  • plan and organize their nights
  • find people with mutual interests
  • find hosts that offer their offline games
  • reserve a table and gaming equipment

Why do hosts need Fline?

  • attract new customers
  • promote their business
  • organize events
  • offer new services
  • save marketing budget

MVP Objective

To realize get-togethers between offline gamers with the same interests and make them play offline games with each other at their desired catering industry location.

JTBD and Feature Requirements

  • Users need to create a profile and adjust it to their interests
  • Users need to search for locations that offer offline-games
  • Users need to search for other members with the same interests
  • Users need to interact with each other and exchange messages

Style guide

Now we need some brand identity.

Tone of voice

  • Fline wants to be perceived as…
    • a little funny like an entertainer
    • a little distant like a croupier
    • a little crazy like a Poker Player
    • a little professional like a gambling manager
    • a little challenging like a competitor
    • a little straightforward like a bouncer

      = like a sloppy, extraordinary, surprising and extroverted visit in Las Vegas


Simple. Minimalistic. Thin Lines.


Earthy colors. Warm and ignified atmosphere. Softer perception for the eyes.

Color palette

• Black and red are the traditional gaming colors. But shiny red acts too much as an aggressive signal color and might disturb users eyes. I still used a red hue, but in a darker and softer version. Only for fine tuning and in the logo to create a visual anchor to the traditional gaming colors and to enable a gaming atmosphere.

• Touch of golden colors were used to pimp up an elegant and pricy accent.

• Some elements in this app have lateral linear transitions and color combinations to foster an illuminated gaming atmosphere.


Start low, end high

Login screen
Onboarding screen 1
Onboarding screen 2
GPS locator 1
GPS locator 2
GPS locator 3
Messages 1
Messages 2

Desktop version

Final mockups

Get in contact

• Did you like this project?

• Do you have any questions?

• What would you do different?

• Can you relate to the ideas?

• Are you interest to find out more?

• Would you like to collaborate on a solution?

Tell me!

You can also leave a message in the comment section on the bottom of this page!

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