Playa Minitas in the Dominican Republic (2)

Playa Minitas – A clean and neat beach in Casa de Campo

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Beaches in the Dominican Republic are beautiful. Whenever I think about beaches from an illustrated travel catalog, photos could be taken from the Dominican Republic. One beach I remember in particular. Playa Minitas – A clean and neat beach in Casa de Campo. Read my short story about a beautiful beach in the oldest resort of the Dominican Republic. Maybe you need some Caribbean inspiration for your next vacation?

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Where is Playa Minitas?

Playa Minitas is not a public beach. It is located inside of the prestigious Casa de Campo in La Romana. Casa de Campo was by the way the first resort in the Caribbean and exists now for almost 50 years.

To be able to access it you need to have permission to enter. That makes the beach very private in comparison with many other beaches in the Dominican Republic. The advantages of private beaches like Playa Minitas are obvious:

  • Not everyone can enter the premises
  • These beaches are equipped with lifeguards and security
  • Fewer noises, no beach vendors, better sanitary facilities

But the best thing I would consider is the neatness of Playa Minitas. In comparison to many other beaches in the Dominican Republic, you won’t find any plastic garbage there. Whenever I visited public beaches, there were far too many careless people leaving their trash behind.

Of course, a prestigious resort like Casa de Campo can’t afford any flaws and deficiencies on their premises. The beach was very clean and organized. I loved their dedication to supporting a clean environment!

Whoever doesn’t like sand between the toes has a great alternative. A few yards away from the shore is a swimming pool. Great for people who don’t like salt water and don’t like to be amid the waves.

Playa Minitas in the Dominican Republic (10)
A good and close-by alternative: The swimming pool at Playa Minitas.

As I wrote before, this beach was one of the greatest I saw in the Dominican Republic. It was quiet there, not too many people around, and simply that kind of beach you would expect from an illustrated catalog. A real paradise!


From my perspective, it would be the perfect beach for families with little kids. The shoreside at Playa Minitas was very shallow and the moving waters can’t be even considered as waves. I always saw some lifeguards observing the coasts. Kids would be super safe there and have a great time.

So did I. Why can’t be all beaches like Playa Minitas in Casa de Campo?

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