Monumental Callao – The neo-classical Peruvian shelter for culture and colors

(Approximate reading time: 9 minutes)

Every visitor, traveler and tourist might have heard already something about Barranco. Where old Colonial buildings and atmospheric bars project a bohemian neighborhood amongst all the graffitis, street musicians and artists. So far so good, but not anymore an insiders’ tip, more a necessity for every visitor of Lima.

A real insiders’ tip is the picturesque little city of Callao. You’ll find here as well many incredible and colorful graffitis, street musicians who play the sounds of Latin American music and many interesting museums. The whole district around ‘Monumento Callao’ pulsates of culture and you can breathe history at every corner.

One day feeling like Eminem or: How to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Guallupe, Ecuador

I had the rare opportunity to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a village in Ecuador. This village is so small, that it’s not even listed on Google Maps and neither known from the people in Quito. Neither is it possible to have a network connection with a mobile phone. Guallupe is a very small village right at ‘Rio Mira’ at the border of the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi. There are not more than 150 people living. But they have some interesting and for a Gringo strange traditions around New Year’s Eve which I would like to describe…