How to get a Masters degree from UCAM (Innovation and Tourism Marketing)

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As some people might know, I studied “Innovation and Tourism Marketing” at the ‘Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia’ in the Southeast of Spain. It took almost 2.5 years for the Spanish authorities of the university and Ministry of Education to issue and submit my title correctly. But now I can proudly claim that I finally got the title from my Master’s from UCAM! But why the hell did it take so long after graduation?

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This review should help other interested people to find out if all the hassle after the official study was really worth it. Especially for those students who consider studying ‘Innovation and Tourism Marketing’ at UCAM in Spain. It gives authentic and detailed insights about the administrational processes, that every graduated alumnus has to face after finishing his studies. Are you planning to study Innovation and Tourism Marketing at UCAM? This article is dedicated to you, so keep on reading!

The ‘C’ in UCAM was always a mystery for us students and a good reason to gossip about the exact name. From lots of administrative calamities on a regular basis, we said very often that the ‘C’ in UCAM should be for ‘Chaotic’ instead of ‘Catholic’. That wasn’t only justified by the deserved feeling of a more than chaotic organization from our impertinent study coordinator in 2016-2017 who didn’t care about us students and acted very arbitrary and despotic. The whole administration around the university itself simply appeared for an ‘insider’ as a massive disaster and a bunch of clueless people going around in circles. No one really knew anything, cared about it, or was interested to solve a problem. Letting things slide was the name of the game.

For a rational arguing person and consecutive thinker, it was definitely not a joy to take classes when people were in charge who badly planned a whole study course. It wasn’t about the content of the study itself. I studied the 3rd edition of that course in 2016/2017 and once they found the right mix of subjects, it’s just a repetitive field of education. What we students learned back then about ‘Innovation and Tourism Marketing’ was quite interesting and some professors even have had a real inspirational impact on me. I still like to think back about some techniques and interesting topics I learned during the study.


But already the chronology of the organization to obtain a title was extremely dubious. It all started with the ceremony. If you already read that sentence and didn’t get it, I need to repeat and explain it better:

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