Caspar – The very beardest of 2014

old tumblr blog articles from 2014

Caspar – The very beardest of

*After laughter comes tearz…*

First: I’m sorry, but this was a must-do-joke!

Second: Now, that the last of the three housemates is gone with whom I spent the most of my time in Lima, I have enough of it to write nearly an essay about him. Thanks to god I am not completely alone, but if I’d have the chance again, I won’t ever choose to leave anything again as least.

Third: You have a really incredible photogenically exterior. It was for me the most difficult to select the ten best photos of you.

After the worst intro ever written, let’s focus on the protagonist of this short story. Dr. Ca$h aka The Cazz aka Caspar. A man, that could weather the storms of time. A man, that could calm riots down with his charisma. A man, that I was allowed to touch his magnificent beard. Once I told him, that his name in German is a synonym for clown. When I met him on our first common evening, I thought: “Damn, what a hippie, what a drop-out”. It was at the end of February, his beard was at this time already nice and long grown, and he worn a Celtic Glasgow-jersey. He was so goddamn relaxed after almost five (?) weeks of traveling across Peru, that he smiled the whole evening without stopping once. It was the best decision for every roommate (but also for him) to come to our house and live there. Caspar makes a group richer because of his presence. He has a kind of empathetical interacting in a group, that you don’t have another choice than to like him. What really impressed me was his fanatical interest for football. I felt myself recognized: If he saw anything round, he wanted to kick it away and dribble. If we watched nice but short football clips at youtube, we already knew the most of the clips we wanted to show each other. And like me he couldn’t miss any match of his club of the running season and streamed it (pssst: another illegal activity) online to watch every second of it. Sometimes he set his alarm clock to not miss any second of a match of Ajax Amsterdam.

I would describe myself as a sporty and sportive guy. But I wish I had the half of the motivation for sport he has. He always tried to motivate me for Futsal, Jogging, Football, etc. and did a lot of performances within the semester.

Caspar was similar to my Dutch friend Gertjan concerning doing something. Just talk about it, decide about it and do it. Thinking or regretting later. He always did, what he liked without skeptical weighing of pro and con. But he was also very curious about the things that Peru had plenty to offer. Tasting new things, meet new people, discover new areas – Caspar was in his time in Peru for me a real discoverer. Together with him and Gertjan, we built the ‘axis of evil’, that was after a short time very well-known at almost all of the exchange students.

We’ve spend a lot of time together with cooking, complaining about the horrible traffic in Peru whilst we sat in the busses to our home or just talk to each other. I never had any bad result, feeling or consequence, when I spent my time with him. Together we travelled to Huacachina, Huaraz and Cuzco/Machu Picchu. For me, every trip is unforgettable, especially Machu Picchu. Damn, if you see one of the new seven world wonders with somebody, you will never forget any second of this day. And I felt very honored that I was allowed to kick his ass down the stairs of Machu Picchu:

I also liked it to sing the national hymn for glorious nation of Kazakhstan. To be honest, I know that almost nobody knows about our insider jokes, but I will list up some for you. BY EXAMPLE:

*Fuck, that’s delicious*

*Oh shit, the cops*

*Hello my name is Dr. Greenthump…Hello!*

Announcement: I will give you a pannach back!

Hey, but one thing at the end: The pannach you gave me after the FRA-GER match…You will get it definitely back one time! I will never forget the time with you and the rest of the people of Amsterdam. For sure! And for sure there will be a revival. I will start the plan directly tomorrow!

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