Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

5 good reasons to NOT live in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo (April 2021 Update)

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Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and a popular destination for many tourists. However, there are as well many expats living in the oldest part of Santo Domingo – The historical part with its Colonial Zone. These areas are in any city by default a bit more interesting for foreign travelers, visitors, tourists. But seriously living in a neighborhood where other people celebrate, travel or party? Some expats have doubts when it comes to move to the Colonial Zone. Could it be, that you somehow are simply not made for a tumultuous, chaotic and vibrant neighborhood? Read in this article more about 5 reasons why to not move to the Colonial Zone.

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(Last update: April 10, 2021)


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Welcome back! You successfully clicked your way through and came here from the previous article. Or you accessed it by any other means. In any event, you are an expat and curious why it might be a better idea to avoid living in the Colonial Zone. There are always tons of positive articles that encourage you why you should do, move, visit, etc. something. But only a few confront the reverse of the medal and show some contra arguments. That’s why you are here – You would like to find out more about possible downsides, disadvantages and reasons to not live in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

And here I am. I would like to give interested expats some more insights about the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo and share with you my first-hand insights. Not everything is shiny and perfect and the Colonial Zone is also far away from that. Please continue reading this article and find out more about 5 reasons why to not move to the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo.

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