How to get to Salto Jimenoa Dos in Jarabacoa?

Salto de Jimenoa 2 is a dainty and powerful waterfall in the Jarabacoa area. The journey is the reward and hiking to it is a real joy.

Presa de Valdesia – Artificial but beautiful

Presa de Valdesia is a beautiful reservoir dam in the Peravia Region of the Dominican Republic. But I actually wanted to visit another destination. Still, I made some great pictures of the artificial dam this day of the Máximo Gómez National Park.

Día 3: Como maneja Santo Domingo el Coronavirus en toque de queda?

Día 3 del toque de queda en la República Dominicana. Casi todas las autoridades, organizaciones y tiendas tienen ahora leyes o normas más estrictas sobre cómo comportarse.
¿Cambió la vida cotidiana en Santo Domingo?

¿Los dominicanos están adaptando su comportamiento debido al coronavirus?

7 historias increíbles pero ordinarias de la Zona Colonial en Santo Domingo

Este artículo está dedicado a todos los encuentros aleatorios pero extraños en la Zona Colonial de Santo Domingo. Los dominicanos probablemente se aburrirán y dejarán de leer porque para ellos no es nada nuevo o especial sobre lo que estoy escribiendo. Pero probablemente todos los demás estarán bien entretenidos debido a las historias extrañas pero auténticas que compartiré.

7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

This article is dedicated to all the random but odd encounters in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. Dominicans will probably be bored and stop reading because for them it’s nothing new or special I am writing about. But everyone else will be probably well entertained because of the weird but authentic stories I will share.

Viceroyalty carnival of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo 2020

How do people celebrate carnival in the Dominican Republic? Is there carnival in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo?

Read this article to find out more about a new and invented form of carnival in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo that looks very history-charged at first appearance.

Ca̱o Hondo РA natural waterpark in the Dominican Republic

Approximate reading time: 9 minutes I like water and water activities. But I prefer fresh water rather than saltwater. There is a very beautiful construction very close to Sabana de la Mar in the south of Samaná Bay. It’s called Paraíso Caño Hondo and has very inviting installments to discover. Especially the natural waterpark opens…

Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province

Approximate reading time: 7 minutes One good thing about the Dominican Republic is, that it has much more things to offer than just beaches and seasides. Especially waterfalls are scattered across the whole country. But what makes these waterfalls in the Dominican Republic especially interesting is that they are rather neglected from the local population….

Salto de Yanigua – Ein geheimer Wasserfall in Hato Mayor

Ungefähre Lesezeit: 7 Minuten Eines der Dinge an der Dominikanischen Republik, das ich am meisten schätze, ist die natürliche Vielfalt des Landes. Es gibt nicht nur Strände zu bieten, sondern noch viele weitere spannende Ausflugsziele im Landesinneren. Insbesondere Wasserfälle sind nahezu überall auf der Insel verstreut. Was aber die Wasserfälle in der Dominikanischen Republik so…