Playa Las Ballenas is one of the best beaches in Las Terrenas

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The northern coast in the Dominican Republic got famous for its many beautiful beaches. In contrast to the southern side of the island, the north has lower temperatures to offer and more wind to cool down and do some water sport activities. Additionally, you’ll find fewer algae and finer-grained sand at the beaches. I was happy, spending time at one particular beach and would like to recommend it to every interested traveler. Read in this article, why Playa Las Ballenas is the best beach in Las Terrenas and worth a visit.

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Where is Playa Las Ballenas?

Located in the Northern part of the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic, Playa Las Ballenas is a must-visit in Las Terrenas. Flanked with many apart hotels and vacation homes, Playa Las Ballenas can be easily found in the northwest area of Las Terrenas. It’s one of the most visited beaches in Las Terrenas.

Due to its good and central location, one would expect this beach to be overrun by many tourists. Surprisingly, I was able to have completely different experiences. This beach is not littered and in a much better and clean condition than I expected. Whenever I was there, I almost had the whole beach to myself:

Playa Las Ballenas - Las Terrenas
Las Ballenas in the Dominican Republic

Las Terrenas is one of the most visited areas in the Dominican Republic. Maybe I was just lucky to have had the right timing for my visits. But what about the name Playa Las Ballenas? Why is this beach called Playa Las Ballenas?

Why is this beach called Las Ballenas ?

Named Las Ballenas because of three rocky stones in the distance that resemble humpback whales, this spacious, wide white sand stretch with a shallow, calm sea sits right in the heart of Las Terrenas’s small town.

The name ‘Las Ballenas’ is therefore a welcoming hint to one of the most popular tourist excursions that can be done in the Dominican Republic: Whale watching. A ‘ballena’ is the direct translation of ‘whale’ in Spanish. Every year from November to March, you can enjoy the whale watching season in the Dominican Republic. Giant humpback whales come every year to the bay of Samaná to give birth to their calves and breed them.


Whale watching is not an exclusive feature of this beach and can be done from other beaches in the Dominican Republic, too. But the idea to observe whales from this beach was an easy and remarkable transition. Naming a whole beach after its whales creates curiosity and make people want to visit it.

But the reason I like Playa Ballenas so much is not because of the many features I mentioned above.

What else is special about Playa Las Ballenas?

Walking a few miles without crowds of people and observing beautiful sunsets is what made me fall in love with this beach. I enjoyed some days there during the off-season and was never disappointed. It must be more crowded during high seasons. But in months like April till June (except Easter holidays) and from September till December (except the Christmas holidays), it’s worth a visit.

In my Instagram profile, I call myself a sunset hunter. Sunsets have a very relaxing and soothing effect on me. It’s like the farewell of a hot and sunny Caribbean day and turns into a warm and starry night. But the last hour of sunlight before it sets is a marvelous one.

If you enjoy sunsets the same way I do, you’ll collect some valuable memories at Playa Las Ballenas in Las Terrenas. Not sure, why this beach charmed me more than others on the island. But Playa Las Ballenas had the most fascinating sunsets I’ve seen so far in the Dominican Republic.

The Caribbean beauty of Playa Las Ballenas

Playa Las Ballenas is a very clean and peaceful beach in the Dominican Republic with the typical Caribbean flair. Picturesque sunsets invite travelers to observe the beautiful colors of sunsets and sunrises.

Whoever has a talent for photography or videography can let off steam at Playa Las Ballenas and the many soft lighting conditions and color changes that can be enjoyed by a loved one. Few visitors can find out more about the entire beach boulevard.

For me, Playa Las Ballenas is one of the most beautiful beaches in Las Terrenas and Samaná.


It’s worth planning at least one evening there. With a bit of luck, you’ll capture the same photos and videos I did. I always had memorable evenings at Playa Las Ballenas. Lost in thought I observed the last orange and pink hues of the daylight.

I would consider Las Ballenas as the best beach in Las Terrenas and one of my favorites in Samaná. Maybe even on the whole northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Soon, I’ll report more about the marvelous beaches in the Dominican Republic.

Playa Las Ballenas - Las Terrenas

But this article should give every reader a good impression of what to expect from Caribbean sunsets in the Dominican Republic. You should also check out another article I wrote before about a Caribbean sunset. One of the most important resources in the Dominican Republic are the infinite sunsets.

Sunset at Playa Los Patos in the Dominican Republic

Los Patos is one of the most visited beaches in the southwest of the Dominican Republic. I had the opportunity to visit this beach to see a breathtaking sunset. Luckily, I could take some nice photos and videos before it got dark at Las Patos in the Dominican Republic.


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