Mirador del Atlántico in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic (4)

A great ocean view at Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas

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There aren’t many spacious and secure viewing platforms in the Dominican Republic. But one of them definitely is worth a stop. Very close to Las Terrenas is one of my favorite spots to have a quick lunch break. I frequently stopped there when I was driving uphill or downhill to Las Terrenas. Read this article and find out more about a great ocean view at ‘Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas’ and how to get there.

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Not many good viewing platforms in the DR

Usually, people just stop in the Dominican Republic with their vehicles mindlessly at the side of a highway to have a break and take some photos. There aren’t many good viewing platforms to observe the surrounding nature. Most of the time, these observation decks are far too close to the highways and a little dangerous to stop by.

Another challenge is the limited parking spaces. Whenever a lot of people were stopping by with their cars, trucks, or motorcycles, it could get crowded on these few free platforms. Traffic scenarios in the Dominican Republic aren’t safe by nature, but curious people compound these complicated situations. Especially, when there’s only one possibility per lane to stop by and vehicles from both directions try to drive there.

I did several Road Trips in the Dominican Republic and was always delighted about the feeling of freedom I had. Driving in the Dominican Republic was always a joy – If that was far away from the highly crowded tourist areas and bigger cities. These traffic situations were always horrible. But driving along the highways, coasts, and mountains between the cities was always something special and enjoyable.

Where is Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas?

If you are doing a Road Trip in the Dominican Republic and are driving from or to Las Terrenas, there is one spot you should stop and enjoy the view. Very close to Playa Cosón on Highway 133 (Boulevard Turístico del Atlántico) you can find on Google Maps ‘Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas’.

This alone is a great reference because most of the interesting and helpful landmarks aren’t publicly available or communicated by Dominicans. A lot of times, obtaining information about the places like these are somehow secret and concealed. Many foreigners doing road trips in the DR would usually cross these places without taking notice of them. In this case, you can plan a little stop there because you can locate it on Google Maps.

Latitude: 19° 17′ 29.898″ N

Longitude 69° 36′ 42.18″ W

What can I expect from Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas?

The observation platform is only on one side of the highway. If you are leaving Las Terrenas and/or Playa Cosón, it would be on your side and easier and safer to reach. But if you are driving to Las Terrenas or Playa Cosón, you need to cross the other lane to reach the platform. You should consider that.

Mirador del Atlántico in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic (4)
View from the Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas to Playa Cosón

I described it a bit earlier – It could get challenging and dangerous if vehicles from both sides decide to drive there. Many times, speeding limits in the Dominican Republic are known but neither accepted nor tolerated. This observation platform is behind (or before: depending on your driving direction) a curve at the mountainside. Could be a bit challenging.

Don’t expect any shopping possibilities or sanitary facilities at Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas. There isn’t any restaurant, shop, toilet, etc. It’s a viewpoint in its natural state and barely modified by humans. Definitely not a capitalized service area.


If you want to have an extensive lunch break or powder your nose, you’d better look for another place. In any other event, bringing your snack and enjoying the view is more than a good idea at Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas.

How is the view from Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas?

On the floor, you can find a rock. If you climb it carefully up, you have an even better view throughout the landscape. From there, you can look across the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Convince yourself and take a look at my video:

If the view is clear and not foggy, you can even look to your Northwest down to Playa Cosón. If you’re lucky, there isn’t any vehicle driving or stopping. You can enjoy the view and listen to bird calls. Almost full silence. I need to highlight on this occasion, that full silence is something rare in the Dominican Republic. Usually, people conglomerate everywhere and are quite noisy.

Take advantage of this extremely rare case and enjoy the view at Mirador del Atlántico Las Terrenas. It’s worth it!

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