7 great examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic

I would like to show 7 examples of alternative tourism in the Dominican Republic to make you aware of all the possibilities of the country. Maybe you’ll find out, why the Ministry of Tourism communicates its country as ‘The Dominican Republic has it all’.

Presa de Valdesia – Artificial but beautiful

Presa de Valdesia is a beautiful reservoir dam in the Peravia Region of the Dominican Republic. But I actually wanted to visit another destination. Still, I made some great pictures of the artificial dam this day of the Máximo Gómez National Park.

Día 3: Como maneja Santo Domingo el Coronavirus en toque de queda?

Día 3 del toque de queda en la República Dominicana. Casi todas las autoridades, organizaciones y tiendas tienen ahora leyes o normas más estrictas sobre cómo comportarse.
¿Cambió la vida cotidiana en Santo Domingo?

¿Los dominicanos están adaptando su comportamiento debido al coronavirus?

How much weighs a dream?

How much weighs a dream? Is the dream heavier or lighter when fulfilled? Is it even possible for a dream to leave a physical weight inside of us?

I was always curious finding out the answers to these questions.

Viceroyalty carnival of the Colonial City in Santo Domingo 2020

How do people celebrate carnival in the Dominican Republic? Is there carnival in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo?

Read this article to find out more about a new and invented form of carnival in the Dominican Republic and Santo Domingo that looks very history-charged at first appearance.

Caño Hondo – A natural waterpark in the Dominican Republic

I like water and water activities. But I prefer fresh water rather than saltwater. There is a very beautiful construction very close to Sabana de la Mar in the south of Samaná Bay. It’s called Paraíso Caño Hondo and has very inviting installments to discover. Especially the natural waterpark opens up a lot of fun…

Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province

One good thing about the Dominican Republic is, that it has much more things to offer than just beaches and seasides. Especially waterfalls are scattered across the whole country. Best thing is to discover themself. And that’s what I did. I visited Salto de Yanigua – A rather secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province.

5 Gründe nach Santo Domingo auszuwandern und 5 Gründe dort nicht zu leben

Die Dominikanische Republik ist ein bezauberndes Urlaubsziel in der Karibik. Viele Urlaube beginnen in der Dominikanischen Hauptstadt Santo Domingo. Die berühmte koloniale Altstadt heißt mit einem historischen Flair ihre Besucher willkommen.

Wie kann man überhaupt als Ausländer in der Hauptstadt der Dominikanischen Republik leben? Welche Gründe gibt es, in Santo Domingo zu wohnen? Warum sollte man vielleicht doch eher andere Städte in Lateinamerika bevorzugen? Wie ist das Leben in Santo Domingo, wenn man auswandert?

Lies in diesem Artikel, was das tägliche Leben in der ältesten Stadt auf dem amerikanischen Kontinent wirklich für einen Expat bedeutet. Und ob es für Dich ebenfalls in Frage kommen kann.

5 reasons to live in Santo Domingo and 5 reasons to leave Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic is a magnificent tourism destination in the Caribbean. Many holidays begin in the capital of Santo Domingo and its Colonial Zone to welcome the visitor with a historical flair. But what about living in Santo Domingo? What are good reasons to live in the Dominican capital?

Read in this article, what life in the oldest city on the American continent really means for a foreigner.

Laguna Redonda – The little neighbor of Montaña Redonda

If you are familiar with tourism in the Dominican Republic and like to travel, you probably have heard already of Montaña Redonda. This is a famous tourism excursion on the top of a hilly area where you have a stunning 360 degrees with to the adjacent valleys. But have you ever heard about the little neighbor Laguna Redonda?