Gato Lugh – The Meowvie

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It’s a sad story, when you have to leave your best friend behind. I will leave Lima and might never see him again. For a moment I thought about putting him into my suitcase, when I leave. Then I realized, that I don’t have the space and free weight to carry a 9 kilo monstrosity and will be overcharged from the transport operators.

So what present to give when I leave? A can of tuna? Do cats even feel when you leave? I will find it out. In case of emergency also without a can of tuna. But I hope, that he will like the following video that I recorded and edited. It should be nothing less than an eternal appreciation for Lugh the Cat. And thanks to YouTube, this video will hopefully last forever and survive all nuclear wars of the future to show mankind what funny and lovely personality this little tiger was and how much he enriched and delighted my time in Lima.
Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m proud to introduce you to the five minute masterpiece ‘Lugh – The Meowvie’ to all of you.