Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province

Dominican Republic, English

One good thing about the Dominican Republic is, that it has much more things to offer than just beaches and seasides. Especially waterfalls are scattered across the whole country. But what makes these waterfalls in the Dominican Republic especially interesting is that they are rather neglected from the local population. They prefer to spend their free time at the beaches than in the mountains where waterfalls can be found. Both attention and references on- and offline about them are rather low. It’s not easy to obtain information about these places. Best thing is to discover themself. And that’s what I did. I visited Salto de Yanigua – A rather secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province.

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Where is Salto de Yanigua?

I usually show maps of the location to show where to find my visited destination. This one is rather difficult to map – Because there are two ‘Salto de Yanigua’ on Google Maps.

So which one to chose? I checked the metadata from my taken photos to locate the GPS position. There’s nothing more reliable than that in terms of finding out where you are or were. Also Google Maps entries can be wrong – As you saw in this example with the double entry. So whom to trust?

Literally inside of the waterfall!

I recorded this video literally from the inside of the waterfall. You can’t be any closer than that. You can find Salto de Yanigua with the following GPS coordinates:

  • Latitude: 18° 58′ 18.864″ N
  • Longitude: 69° 26′ 29.568″ W

Did you know, that you can also search in Google Maps after GPS coordinates? If I use the ones from above, I’ll end up here:

The good news is, that the red dot on the map is with the coordinates 100% exact. The bad news is, that both entries from before are therefore wrong. Even the closer one in the middle with grey color is approximately 100 meters away from Salto de Yanigua.

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