Mr. Paraguay – Jakob Davies Savoldelli

(Approximate reading time: 7 minutes) Today I’m very proud and have the honor to dedicate this blog entry to an extraordinary character and personality. This article was actually first published in December 2017 on my old blog, but I decided now to rewrite the content and reprise the attention to the mentioned character. Close to…

Hello Su from Peru, how do you do? I’m thinking about you! Woohoo!

Who is Su? Who is this woman with the shortest name of the world? I had the opportunity to meet her in 2014 in Lima, she was actually the first Peruvian specimen I saw in my life. And when I first saw her in the long cocktail dress dancing on the grass in the garden of the apartment I just moved in, I could’ve never expected to keep her as a good and close friend of mine. This article is dedicated to a friendship between me and a special Peruvian lady.

Gato Lugh – The Meowvie

Ladies and Gentlemen! I’m proud to introduce to you the masterpiece ‘Lugh – The Meowvie’. Take five minutes of your time and laugh yourself to tears.

Traphil features… Lugh

I am writing now about a very special friend of mine, who I made in Lima, Peru. People sometimes laugh here about me when I say, that he is the best friend I have here. I don’t really know why they say that, actually I don’t really care. Maybe because they never had a best friend. Or maybe they never felt a friendship to a cat.

TraPhil features… Χωρις Γλυκανισο

I am writing about a very special travel companion from Greece. Let us call this man Dimixtrix, following how some Peruvians tried to pronounce his name. That makes him anonymous and me laugh all the time.