Zoneo Fest 2019 – Christmas edition of Santo Domingo’s street festival


This is the second article I am dedicating to this festival. I was writing earlier this year an article about the Zoneo Fest 2019. A festival in Santo Domingo about the…with…where you can do…

Well, to be honest, there is a lot to do for many different audiences. Whether you come with family and kids, discover gastronomic specialties, have an ice-cold coffee, want to walk over the street market and look for handcrafted goods or just listening to live music you can do that. And you can bring your dog. Thus, there is a lot to do and everybody is welcome to spend two days at Fortaleza Ozama, right in the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo.

If you’re interested in the first article, you should click here.

Zoneo Fest Navidad 201976

Peru Street Food

Contrary to my first visit at the end of June 2019, I didn’t focus this time on all the offered food variations from the trucks. The reason for that was the lack of time. At the respective weekend, I had only time for a few hours on one of the two days. And on Sunday afternoon under the burning Caribbean sun, I wasn’t that hungry to try them all.

Nevertheless as always where you would expect tasty food freshly prepared, it was Daniel from Peru Street Food who served his specialties from the Andean kitchen.

If you are interested in the Peruvian kitchen and why it is the best kitchen in the world, you should read the following article about my 10 favorite Peruvian dishes I tried during my time in Peru. If you rather want to see a crash course on how to prepare the most famous and internationally known dish called Ceviche, take a look at the following video:


Street vendors

A lot of artesian work was offered by many vendors. Here you could find valuable alternatives to the whole Made-in-China industry from the supermarkets. Most of them offered products and packaging material from sustainable sources and most of the things were themed to the upcoming Christmas time.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend this time more hours there. I am looking forward to the next Zoneo fest in 2020!

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