Que lo hace realmente especial al “Jugo Especial” de Peru?

La comida peruana es mundialmente famosa y especial. Elogié en un artículo ante el gusto de HQ de la cocina peruana. Pero ¿qué pasa con las bebidas peruanas, también pueden ser especiales? ¿Y es una buena idea llamar a un batido un ‘Jugo Especial’?

What makes the Peruvian ‘Jugo Especial’ really special?

Peruvian food is world famous and special. I lauded in an article before the HQ-tastiness of the Peruvian kitchen. But what about Peruvian beverages, can they also be special? And is it a good idea to call a shake a ‘Special Juice’? A little article about a special drink with a special name.

Hello Su from Peru, how do you do? I’m thinking about you! Woohoo!

Who is Su? Who is this woman with the shortest name of the world? I had the opportunity to meet her in 2014 in Lima, she was actually the first Peruvian specimen I saw in my life. And when I first saw her in the long cocktail dress dancing on the grass in the garden of the apartment I just moved in, I could’ve never expected to keep her as a good and close friend of mine. This article is dedicated to a friendship between me and a special Peruvian lady.

Ciao Peru – ¡Hasta la felicidad siempre!

Nunca tuve la oportunidad de escribir un texto profundo en español. Ahora hay una oportunidad y me gustaría alcanzar a todos mis amigos y conocidos que hice durante mis tiempos en Sudamérica para compartir algunas líneas. Tal vez por lo general no leen mis artículos, porque están en inglés. Quizás porque nunca hay suficiente tiempo libre en nuestras vidas estresantes para leer un artículo.
Para mí ya es un honor si continúas leyendo hasta aquí. Y si tiene unos minutos más de tiempo, me gustaría profundizar en mis pensamientos y recuerdos.

Is high priced Peruvian gourmet food really worth it?

You can eat even in the expensive Peruvian capital of Lima relatively cheap and you will still receive a good quantity and sufficient quality. That’s the case for every middle-class restaurant and especially every low-class diner. You get what you pay for. So what about dining at the upper class restaurants? Is it really worth to try high priced Peruvian food? Does a man like me with a quadruple stomach like a cow gets satisfied with a small gourmet portions? I made the self-experiment in the Barranco Bay area and had a charming companion.

TraPhil features… Χωρις Γλυκανισο

I am writing about a very special travel companion from Greece. Let us call this man Dimixtrix, following how some Peruvians tried to pronounce his name. That makes him anonymous and me laugh all the time.

Beach report no. 2 – Playa La Herradura (Lima, Peru)

I chose one beach that I already knew from my first visit in Lima in 2014. I visited the beach in April and it was a very quiet beach with almost no people there. No people means no one annoys you when you are laying lazy on your chair and try to take a nap. Reality looked different in 2018, but maybe it was because it is still holiday time in Peru. And holiday means a lot of families with a lot of children. But this time it weren’t the children who tried to catch the attention. Read the second beach report about Playa La Herradura and find out, who broke the peace.

The peculiar Peruvian way to celebrate Carnival

What do you think, when you hear the word ‘carnival’? But apart from all the Brazilian Samba carnival we imagine, there are several other places in the world where people celebrate carnival.

Read this blog article to find out more about the peculiar Peruvian way to celebrate Carnaval. Yes, written and pronounced with an ‘a’.

Colorful parade in Surco (April 2014)

Colourful parade in Surco In my district Surco has been a few weeks ago a very colorful parade. It nearly looks like carnival, but it has just been on a Sunday without any reference to carnival. I couldn’t really find out, what the topic of this parade was. I’ve seen superheroes like Spiderman and Batman,…

Gamarra (Lima) en 2014

Gamarra Gamarra is a part of Lima which is ideal for shopping for clothes and walking across the food and spice markets. But there is a big difference between a market in Europe and these markets. For the better orientation of the prices: 1 PEN is 0,25 €. I really love these markets and felt…