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A wave-breaking experience at the Malecón in Cabrera

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A simple stop during a road trip in the Dominican Republic turned out to be funny and inspiring moments. I was on the road and stopped by at the Malecón in Cabrera. Luckily, a spectacle of nature made a break more pleasant. Read my story about a wave-breaking experience at the Malecón in Cabrera.

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Where can I find Cabrera?

Cabrera is one of the smaller cities in the Dominican Republic. Located in María Trinidad Sánchez province on the North Coast of the island, it is between Puerto Plata and the Peninsula Samaná. I did some desk research and couldn’t obtain a lot of information about Cabrera from the traveler’s perspective. Seems like, there’s either not a lot to do and visit. Or not frequently visited by people who like to write about it.

Cabrera doesn’t seem to be a real tourism destination for international travelers. It seems to be more for transit and stopping by. That’s exactly what I did to have a break during a drive along the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Luckily, that was for me the right decision.

Where is the Malecón in Cabrera?

I was driving from Las Terrenas and heading towards Cabarete. Cabrera is exactly in the middle and was the perfect city for a stop to stretch legs and have a lunch break. What I didn’t know was the little enhancement that awaited me during my break. It was a real joy to stop by at the Malecón and observe the waves as high as a house.

The photos and videos I took were from the cliffs at the most northern part of Duarte street and the Malécon in Cabrera. You can find the GPS coordinates of the Malecón in Cabrera here:

Latitude: 19°38’49.1″N
Longitude: 69°54’11.5″W

Powerful waves at the Malecón de Cabrera

Amid these waves, I took several videos from the cliff. Maybe it was my lucky day – These waves turned out to be powerful and impressive. The sea spray lashed the wuthering saltwater on the ground. I could feel some water drops from the ocean some 70 – 80 ft. away from the cliffs. Quite powerful.

At least I’m under the impression, that I made some good recordings during my 30-minute stay at the Malecón of Cabrera. I tried to make a video to capture a wave-breaker. Take a look and check it out:

I got pretty wet because of the sea spray and felt the salty taste of the ocean between my lips. In combination with the scorching sun during noon, it was a real challenge for my skin and clothing. But I was happy to have spent some great moments at the cliffs. Enjoying the ocean view was very calming and relaxing. Especially with a view like that:


These cliffs were shaped for thousands of years because of the swell and salinity of the sea. I felt very invited to linger over the Malecón of Cabrera and pass some time. A maritime inspiration for travelers and those who just want to come and stop by. I can definitely recommend to plan a stop at the Malecón of Cabrera.

But you should better put on sunscreen and have some spare clothes with. It can get pretty wet and salty at the coast of Cabrera. Nevertheless, it’s worth it to visit the Malecón of Cabrera for your own wave-breaking experience.

Maybe you can try to catch your own wave one day.

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