10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

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2 – Anticucho de Res

Would you ever dare to eat the heart of a cow? If not you should skip the second dish I want to introduce and continue reading number three. Yes, you read right: A cow’s heart.

Anticucho de res (peruano)
Anticucho de res

Probably your instant refusal, that you would never eat this, reached your mind. I can understand, that it would be for most people a really strange idea to think about eating that. But when in Rome, do as the Romans do! For me, it was a little different experience. I ordered Anticucho de Res and ate it before I asked, what it actually consists of. No chance for me in this case to create a scene. Maybe that’s a better strategy to discover new and exotic food. First eat, ask later. Laugh now, cry later.

I was surprised, when I read, that Anticucho is originated in Peru. Not that I don’t give Peruvians the credit to invent this dish. But actually, everyone else in the world would be able to tear out the heart of a cow, fry and eat it. But Peruvians were the first people who had this great idea.

This dish dates back to the Pre-Colombian era, first records date back to the 16th Century when the Spaniards came and discovered this dish to progress it with European spices such as garlic. The conquerors were as well the renovators to impale the prepared cow meat. Rough people, these ancient Spaniards.

Anticucho de res de Peru
Anticucho de res

So, what else to say about Anticucho? It is usually not the main course of a Peruvian meal, but rather an accompaniment to other side dishes. Usually a bit salt is added and sometimes even vinegar or lemon juice. A popular dressing is a sauce made from garlic, onion and chopped cilantro, vinegar, lemon juice and beer, which is spread onto the Anticuchos. But I preferred the original taste without sauce.

Anticuchos are almost everywhere available: As streetfood from a food truck, in some simple bars or in high-priced restaurants. The taste is intensely juicy and simply good. Usually a plate comes consists of three spits of Anticuchos and a boiled potato or little loaf of bread. Unfortunately, for an overindulging hog like me this portion is not enough and I had to order more than one plate.

You can find the recipe here.

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