10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

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8 – Lomo Saltado

One of the most famous Peruvian dishes is the Creole Lomo Saltado. It got its influences from the Chinese kitchen and shows the rich fusion of old and new worlds. This becomes clear when taking a look at the plate. Have you ever been before served rice and potatoes together? Lomo Saltado fulfills your subliminal wish!

Whenever you will order a jumping sirloin, …

Wait, does the meat still jump on my plate when I order it? Calm down my dear naïve reader, that was just a joke. Although ‘Lomo Saltado’ means translated ‘jumping sirloin’.

The name comes from the preparation style of the food. Imagine the Chinese preparation of food – All ingredients are stirred or sometimes even tossed in a wok over a very high flame. ‘Lomo’ means’ Tenderloin and ‘Saltado’ comes from French cooking style sautée, which means to “jump”.

Next to the already delineated rice, potato and tenderloin, you’ll enjoy Lomo Saltado with the taste of its remaining ingredients red onions, parsley, tomatoes. As well as vinegar, soy sauce, spices give an aromatic and toasty taste.

You can find the recipe here.

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