10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

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7 – Causa a la Limeña

It’s enough to only order Causa in a restaurant. Everyone knows already, that it’ll be the Lima style. In fact, you only have to decide, which type of filling you would like to have for your Causa. Like several other traditional Peruvian dishes, Causa has as well a loooooong history. It was already prepared in Pre-Colombian times, but then again processed from the Spaniards. The name “Causa” comes from the Quechua “Kausay”, one of the indigenous languages of Peru. It means “necessary sustenance” and “food ” or “what feeds”. As the clue is here in the name, this is the right wording to satisfy a chronic hungry guy like me.

Causa a la Limeña

The original version is even Vegetarian: This dish is prepared on the basis of Peruvian yellow potatoes, lemon, chili, lettuce, boiled egg, avocado, and black olives. Of course, you could use any other potato to prepare Causa, but for the original version, you have to go out to the Peruvian Andeans, look for a field and grab out the original Peruvian potatoes from the agricultural soil. Therefore, every other potato does it as well.

Of course, I never ordered the Vegetarian versions. You could perceive the vegetarian version as standard and any other ingredient as an enhancement. And I was, of course, interested to order Causa 2.0 for me and not the standard version. Here, you can decide amongst a lot of interesting ingredients like tuna, chicken, seafood or other varieties of white meat. It is served with a light flush of mayonnaise.

What you could see in the picture is the Causa de Atún that comes with tuna. This taste was amazing and I was very surprised to have had this experience with a dish, that uses these ingredients. If you think further, there is nothing really special about the ingredients and they are merely generic things from the kitchen.

What the Peruvians accomplished, is to create a distinctive taste from simple ingredients. I would like to recommend everyone who has the chance to order Causa once. You won’t regret it!

You can find the recipe here.

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