Zoneo Fest 2019 – A street food festival in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone

What if Dominicans are organizing a street food festival in the Colonial Zone? Can you expect to have more than just Sancocho and Rice with beans? Yes – I have some munchies to report during the Zoneo Festival 2019 in Santo Domingo!

Zoneo Fest 2019 – Un food truck festival en Fort Ozama

Visité el Zoneo Fest 2019 en Fort Ozama en Santo Domingo y estaba buscando algunos de los mejores platos culinarios. ¿Qué pueden esperar de un festival de camiones de comida dominicana? ¡Lee el artículo y descúbrelo!

Que lo hace realmente especial al “Jugo Especial” de Peru?

La comida peruana es mundialmente famosa y especial. Elogié en un artículo ante el gusto de HQ de la cocina peruana. Pero ¿qué pasa con las bebidas peruanas, también pueden ser especiales? ¿Y es una buena idea llamar a un batido un ‘Jugo Especial’?

What makes the Peruvian ‘Jugo Especial’ really special?

Peruvian food is world famous and special. I lauded in an article before the HQ-tastiness of the Peruvian kitchen. But what about Peruvian beverages, can they also be special? And is it a good idea to call a shake a ‘Special Juice’? A little article about a special drink with a special name.

Is high priced Peruvian gourmet food really worth it?

You can eat even in the expensive Peruvian capital of Lima relatively cheap and you will still receive a good quantity and sufficient quality. That’s the case for every middle-class restaurant and especially every low-class diner. You get what you pay for. So what about dining at the upper class restaurants? Is it really worth to try high priced Peruvian food? Does a man like me with a quadruple stomach like a cow gets satisfied with a small gourmet portions? I made the self-experiment in the Barranco Bay area and had a charming companion.

Huajsapata: Un trago caliente endemico de Puno

Es raro encontrar bebidas locales en tiempos de distribución a nivel nacional. ¿Estás contento de volver a ver un cartel de Coca Cola, Heineken o Red Bull? Yo tampoco, por eso preferí Huajsapata, una bebida endémica de Puno. ¡No lo encontrarás en ningún otro lugar del mundo!

Huajsapata: A hot cocktail you can only find in Puno

Local drinks are rare to find in times of nationwide distribution. Are you happy to see a Coca Cola, Heineken or Red Bull sign again? Me neither, that’s why I preferred Huajsapata, an endemic drink from Puno. You won’t find it anywhere else in the world!

What you definitely should drink during your stay in Arequipa

In my last article I focused on the Andean kitchen and the culinary specialities from Arequipa. Now I would like to write about the typical beverages that you can order in this city. There were some gastronomic specialities, that surprised me. And some made me tipsy.

10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

The Peruvian kitchen is world famous and a culinary delight for even the most critical gourmets. During my time in Peru I had the joy to discover a lot of brilliant flavors, aromatic spices and tasty sauces in a variety of excellent dishes. Therefore, it’s not an accident, that the Peruvian kitchen is seen as the best kitchen of the world. At least if you ask every Peruvian.

Food Porn Munchies Vol. 1 – Turkey Omelette Sandwiches

Some people have their best ideas when sitting on the loo. I have the best ideas when I’m hungry. Happened yesterday as well, when I was in the supermarket to buy new supplies for the fridge. At the end of the night, I had a produced video about the preparation of a funky turkey sandwich.

Yummy Ceviche: Chilean, Ecuadorian or Peruvian style?

The South American cuisine has many things to offer for hungry stomachs, but the most tasty South American fish-dish is Ceviche. It has also regionally different names like Cebiche or Seviche. Although they wrote Ceviche with an S, it reads like a love letter to their own food. I had the luck to try so far the Peruvian, Chilean and Ecuadorian version of Ceviche. The Mexican one I didn’t try so far. But I would like to share and compare the other three ones I tried.