10 best Peruvian dishes you should try before you die

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Well, maybe the title is been a little too martial and gonzo. But it doesn’t change the tasty and surprising content, that this article about the Peruvian kitchen will show to you. The Peruvian kitchen is world-famous and a culinary delight for even the most critical gourmets. During my time in Peru, I had the joy to discover a lot of brilliant flavors, aromatic spices and tasty sauces in a variety of excellent dishes. Therefore, it’s not an accident, that the Peruvian kitchen is seen as the best kitchen in the world. At least if you ask every Peruvian.

To make this opinion more objective, some other rankings and opinions demonstrated, that the Peruvian kitchen is always ranked in the Top lists when it comes to the joy of eating. Three of the Top 50 restaurants worldwide are based in Lima and Peru’s capital was even called the World’s Best Food City. The World Travel Awards have named Peru the World’s Leading Culinary Destination. Besides that, Peru has the best chef in the world.

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During my time in Peru, I had the joy to discover a lot of excellent Peruvian dishes. You should imagine the Peruvian dish as a language. All are very proud to speak it, but there are a lot of dialects and everyone likes poems. The coastal kitchen with all fish and seafood dishes is way different than the Andean style where it is tradition to prepare native animals or the Amazonian cuisine where many local fruits and sometimes insects are used for the dishes. The mixing of all different cultures and the variety of climates within the country determine the variety of local cuisine. This would be actually worth another blog article. But I would like to focus this time on the best dishes I discovered during my time in Peru.

There are dishes you wouldn’t even imagine of their powerful tastes. I was more than cosseted and blessed with all the brilliant flavors, aromatic spices and tasty sauces in a variety of excellent dishes, that the Peruvian kitchen has to offer. I would like to show all people the 10 best national dishes I tried during my time in Peru.

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