Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province


What can you do at Salto de Yanigua?

What to do after arriving there. Enjoy for a couple of minutes mother nature. And then better become active – This waterfall offers a few active things to do than just sitting around.

Jump inside of Salto de Yanigua

Before doing the most ordinary and expectable thing – swimming – you can also do enter the water the hot shot version:

Salto Yanigua from the bird perspective
Salto de Yanigua from above

I touched with my feet the ground (again). Be sure not to be too fat when using the rope. The water level may vary to the amount of rainfall in that area. As I have no experience values here, I guess it’s normal to touch the ground with a jump.

As always, I was looking for a thrill. It looked seducing to jump down the waterfall.

I was close to do that, but haven’t had any idea about the water depth. And the stones were extremely slippery. So better not risking anything. Better using the rope to swing like Tarzan inside of the water!

The frontal view of the waterfall is nice to see as well:

Swim inside of the waterfall

The inside of the waterfall itself looks the following:

Clay masks – Natural beauty treatment for free

For me it was weird to see the other people at the waterfall smearing a grey mud inside of their faces. Why would they do that?

At the sides of the shores can be found clay stone.

Pieces of clay at Salto Yanigua
These clay minerals at Salto de Yanigua can be found on the shores of the river. Supposedly, they have a positive effect on your skin. At least, that’s what other people with grey faces wanted me to convince.

With a touch of water, it can be used for dermatology reasons to pimp up the skin and make it a bit more smooth. Well if other people do something, you shouldn’t necessarily copy them, should you? I should!

Clay masks @ Salto Yanigua
Other people pay for this beauty treatment some Dollars 💵

Scrub it inside of your face. It doesn’t hurt and is very easy to clean with all the water around.

Swings at Salto de Yanigua

There are two swings you can find at Salto de Yanigua. One makes you swing right over the water.

Poor tree! I can only repeat myself: Regard your own body weight before using this swing. I would consider myself having a moderate weight, but the branch of the tree was already bending. It can lead to a terrible accident, if the branch brakes while you are swinging with speed.

The second swing is inside of the water a bit off the main area around the waterfall.

Take some photos of the environment

You can take some beautiful photos at this scenery with a little bit of patience. And if the light conditions are good enough and you’re lucky with the sun. As most of the times, I’m quite unlucky and was rewarded this day with a cloudy sky.

Next page: Is it worth to visit Salto de Yanigua?

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