Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province


What can be found at Salto de Yanigua?

First, you’ll be welcomed and greeted by a very old man. Depending on when you will read this article, I hope that this information is still valid.

Guardian from Salto Yanigua
Old car guardian with a machete from Salto de Yanigua

He offers you a story or two about this area and offers you to supervise the car during the parking for some coins in return. Since there’s no danger neighborhood and gangsters around in the Dominican backland, his services are actually not needed.

But the entrance to this park is technically for free, there aren’t any admissions to go to Salto de Yanigua. And you make use of a fenced parking space. Hence, it’s just fair to reimburse this elderly guardian with a machete.

And by the way: Your car will be probably looking the following:

Parking space was maybe not the right word before. You park on the grass.

I hope, that you didn’t come only with sandals and brought steady shoes. Depending on the climate and possible rainfall, it can be a bit muddy there. The way to the waterfall is short and you can hear the rush of the water as soon as you step out of the car. If go by motorbike or horse, you can hear it even earlier.

Salto Yanigua in the Hato Mayor province
Parque Nacional Salto de Yanigua, quite a green area

It looks more or less like on the picture. A very green area with some beautiful flowers welcomes you. I was surprised, how good the condition of the park was. Everything seemed to be very well maintained. Maybe that was the work from the old guardian. If so, he definitely deserves his coins!

Close to the parking grass, you can find a simple shack where you can change clothes. Don’t forget to bring your swimming clothes as you wanted to visit a waterfall. And not to forget – You’ll have the chance to meet an abandoned scarecrow.

Scarecrow @ Salto Yanigua
Mr. Scarecrow

Not sure, which birds the scarecrow should scare off though. There is no agriculture close and no birds to shriek. But I saw a few hummingbirds whirring around. But no chances to capture them for a photo, they are just too fast!

Next page: What can you do at Salto de Yanigua?

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