Salto de Yanigua – A secret waterfall in the Hato Mayor province


Is it worth to visit Salto de Yanigua?

If you would ask me now, if I would recommend to visit this waterfall and if it is worth to visit Salto de Yanigua, I would answer:


  • be advised that you need a stable and trustworthy car or bike
  • follow the way I described – LEFT (otherwise you’ll in deep problems)
  • be sure that there isn’t any rainfall the day. Your can could get stuck, you could get wet and your experience wouldn’t be the same
  • go early: Although there are only a few people, you want to have an exclusive experience
  • be aware, that you won’t have any mobile phone signal everywhere. At least I haven’t connection during this trip

I would say, that it’s a rather short diversion. In total, me and my girlfriend didn’t spend more than 1.5 hours there. You’ve seen and done literally everything you could do by then. Depending on where you come from (Santo Domingo or Punta Cana?), you need 2 – 3 hours driving time per route. That’s quite a lot for such a short time at Salto de Yanigua.

BUT once you’re there, you’ll be happy to enjoy what one of the many Dominican waterfalls offers you as a visitor:

Salto Yanigua
Sunshine was scarce this day, that’s why I capture the rays of the sun at Salto de Yanigua.

I did this excursion, because it was on the way to Sabana de la Mar in the South of the Samaná bay. And therefore it was pretty welcome to interrupt the long driving time and make a refreshing brake there. This little pit stop was a really nice experience.

Other than that, it wouldn’t be enough to fill a whole day and not really worth it, if you don’t have additional plans for that day. Just doing the excursion to Salto de Yanigua doesn’t justify the long way and driving times.

Did you like that article? Could I help you with useful information you didn’t find elsewhere in the Internet? Did you also experienced Salto de Yanigua in the Hato mayor region?

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. And by the way: Every new subscriber for my blog is more than welcome. There are many articles more planned!

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