How much weighs a dream?

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How much weighs a dream?

Nevertheless, I can only repeat that despite health problems, bureaucratic hurdles around the residence permits and the difficulties finding a job, I have fulfilled my dream. Returning to South America for a second time. Living and working there was a really great experience that I am proud of. But try it a third time?

This continent simply deserves to be loved. I really owe a lot to my time in Latin America and meanwhile I feel very advanced and steeled in character. I met warm and profound characters who were able to teach me a lot. In addition to that, I was not one time robbed, no child was attached to me, and no financial investment with borrowed capital went wrong. Everything went actually pretty well and ended gently.

Looks like a very romantic attempt that I have had to block even twice

I can only count a few tattoos and many laughter lines more thanks to this continent. But it might have happened elsewhere on this planet as well. It is difficult to judge whether the Latin American continent would also reflect my undying love. Ultimately, it was a major challenge to live there for several years. However, the continent provided me with a lot of valuable life experience and allowed it to ripen inside like a fruit.

When it comes to dreaming, I put a lot of effort into it and always gave everything in to follow the dreams and not to dismiss them as an illusory memento. After all, there aren’t many people who follow their personal dreams, but rather professional goals in order to enjoy the next larger car classification. Everyone is free to choose. But I always preferred to be guided by dreams rather than goals.

T2 from Volkswagen
Seriously a dream, isn’t it?! (Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash)

These two mentioned dreams have been with me for a long time in my life. One dream came true with Latin American life, the other with the VW model T2 did not. But that doesn’t change anything about my personal judgment or appreciation of these two dreams. They have the same value and I perceive them as even. Why? Because I was able to hold onto them in my creative imagination and found guidance.

The final question now is how much a dream weighs. Especially when it has been fulfilled and I could live it. Because somewhere the dream has to be saved and stored without a doubt. After all, that must also cause a weight, even if it is only a virtual or imaginary weight.

I was reading once an interesting online article about that topic. It came up with a theory, that a disk has to be heavier than before after storing data on it. The article was written in a very interesting manner, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it again. But to me, this explanation made sense. Why should data and information on the other hand exist without having a weight?

So I came across another article in the internet that explained it in another way:

“Believe it or not, they get lighter. USB drives use Flash memory, which means that the ones and zeros of your data are stored on transistors. When you save data, a binary zero is set by charging the float gate of the transistor, and a binary one is set by removing the charge. To charge it, we add electrons, and the mass of each electron is 0.00000000000000000000000000091 grams. This means that an empty USB drive (which mostly holds zeros) weighs more than a full USB drive (which has ones and zeros). Add data, reduce the weight. However, you would need to weigh more USB drives than exist on the planet together at once before the difference in weight became easily measurable.”

Dr. Peter Bentley

To sum it up, there is no final and concrete answer that I would like to give or can give. Probably a dream came true doesn’t weigh anything and has a physical severity of 0 in our head. Comparable to the example with the USB-sticks. A kind of mental fingerprint is bound to be left somewhere in the brain. But a dream will be more in the Nano range. The same physical molecule was only cerebrally redistributed.

Rather, it depends on how we evaluate the dream from the past. Whether it made us happy and brought us further in life. How we lived it with full energy, conviction and devotion. Whether we could achieve it and whether it could be realized according to our imaginations.

Huancayo in Peru
Let’s continue with some dreamy targets and targeting dreams

Only then, there will there be enough free mental space for new capacities. Perhaps it is time to formulate new dreams and then link them to realistic goals. A little of both can’t hurt.

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