Ceviche in the Dominican Republic – How does it taste?

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Ceviche from Sonoma Bistro

Sonoma describes itself as ‘one of the best restaurants in the Dominican Republic’. That already means something and sets the bar pretty high when a restaurant positions itself with these promising words. It is also in one of the most exclusive areas in Santo Domingo, in the Piantini district.

The ceviche here in the photo below was in the starters category. The portion served is therefore a little smaller than the dishes in the previous chapters.


Ceviche from Sonoma Bistro in Santo Domingo

What made me a little happier with this version was the sweet potato. It was not the original Peruvian version of the orange ‘Camote’. However, it was a welcome change from the crispy chifles and also more suitable for the food in terms of taste.

Again, I tried ceviche that was similar to the version from Peru. The taste, flavor, and quality of the food reminded me very much of what is served in Peru. Of course, the Peruvians are a little more experienced when it comes to the spiciness and acidity of their dishes. But I was more than satisfied with this small plate and it exceeded my expectations.

The same applies to the rest of the dishes in Sonoma Bistro. These were not Peruvian, but a gastronomically colorful mix from many different nations. But everything tasted really excellent. In particular the carpaccio and the hummus.

Sonoma Bistro in Piantini, Santo Domingo


I was able to enjoy this last attempt at the Peruvian Dominican Ceviche on the last day of my stay in the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, I had to leave the country earlier than I expected. Fortunately, I was able to find a worthy end to my culinary journey of the discovery of Dominican Ceviche in Sonoma Bistro.

My ranking: Where do I find the best Ceviche in the Dominican Republic?

First of all, it should be noted that I have not tried all the existing variants in all restaurants in the Dominican Republic. Not only would that have been very expensive overall, it would also have taken a lot more time to create this article. With my 6 different versions, I can choose my favorites and recommend them to others.

If I list the seven different ceviches from the Dominican Republic in a ranking list, the result would be the following ranking:

My conclusion: Overall, I have to say that I was very surprised by the quality of the Dominican ceviche. Of course, I was mostly present in upscale restaurants that know how to deal with their gastronomic skills. They weren’t amateurs, but true professionals in their field. With a few exceptions, I was not disappointed, but rather surprised.

Still, I was delighted with both the taste and the decorative quality of ceviche in the Dominican Republic. Dominicans do not a lot of spices and sour elements in their cuisine because of cultural reasons. For the Dominican ceviche, they tried to make an exception and made an extra effort and sacrificed their principles.

But mostly it was a bit strange to see how the Dominicans had served their interpretation of ceviche. From flat plates with lettuce to microscopic ceramic pots and deep soup plates, there was pretty much every option.

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