Ceviche in the Dominican Republic – How does it taste?

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Exclusive Ceviche from Pepperoni in La Romana

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of spending a few days at the internationally renowned Casa de Campo resort. Casa de Campo is not only the first chronologically built resort in the Dominican Republic, but also in the entire Caribbean. It looks something like this there:


Now, a resort stands out from normal hotels or holiday accommodations, in particular as a “tourist hotel complex with an offer that goes beyond the accommodation business”. In the case of Casa de Campo, the luxury resort would like to offer its visitors a wide range of services and the finest restaurants. On one of the evenings at Casa de Campo, I was allowed to dine in the adjoining restaurant ‘Pepperoni’.

Pepperoni offers a variety of international dishes. This is usually not a good sign if a restaurant does not specialize and offers dishes from all over the world. So, it is rather difficult to understand that the restaurant is of good quality and experienced in its menu when it offers a little bit of everything.

Three different ceviche dishes were on the menu at Pepperoni in La Romana:

    pescado blanco / batata / calamar rebozado / leche de tigre
    atún / leche de coco / miel / shishito peppers / kimchi coreano
    pimientos / cilantro / limón / aceite de oliva

I’ve tried many different types of ceviche before. Most of the time, ceviche garnished with seafood were never as good as ceviche with fish. For this reason, I decided against the third dish with squid.

The second dish in the middle reads extremely exotic and, at first glance, wildly put together. Not only does this ceviche consist of tuna as the main ingredient. In addition, coconut milk, honey, hot peppers and vegetables in the Korean style will surprise you. I did not want to expose my palate to this uncontrolled chaos and I also excluded this dish.

So only the Peruvian version remains on the menu. You know what you have! And I was not disappointed. However, the food offered deviated significantly from what was previously announced in writing in the menu.

Ceviche del Peru from Pepperoni in La Romana

It was the first time that I was served ceviche in a kind of pot. Very interesting version of the food forming and arrangement in a round clay vessel. The pot was closed and there were chifles on the lid for decoration. Of course, I removed the lid for the photo.

Again, at first glance, this version of the ceviche almost reminded me of a soup due to the amount of liquid prepared. All ceviche in the Dominican Republic seem to have something in common.

In terms of taste, however, the contents of the blue clay pot were probably the best ceviche I was allowed to try after leaving Peru in August 2018. The quality of the processed ingredients was excellent and the taste came as close as possible to Peruvian ceviche.

The fish was tender and soft in taste. The only minimal point of criticism I could give was the lack of limes in the dish. Here I had to order a couple of slices of lime from the waiter to add the sour taste myself. Except for small degrades in the B-note, this version was just as excellent as the surroundings in which I was allowed to dine:

La Marina - Casa de Campo
Sunset at La Marina @Casa de Campo


Being in a good mood, I ordered another Peruvian dish at sunset. After the excellent Ceviche del Peru from Pepperoni, I wanted to try the Causa de Atún. Again, I was not disappointed. Similar to the ceviche before, this was the right choice in terms of taste.

Causa de Atún

After all, the more unusual variants (ceviche mix, street food, exclusive HQ ceviche), I was of course interested in an interpretation that was more Caribbean-like.

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