Ceviche in the Dominican Republic – How does it taste?

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Peru Streetfood – A colorful Dominican-Peruvian mix

I had a completely different experience with Dominican ceviche at a street food festival in Santo Domingo. Several ambitious chefs opened their doors there with their mobile equipment to serve their freshly prepared dishes under the blazing sun until late night. The so-called ‘Zoneo Fest’ takes place – if there are currently no restrictions due to Corona – twice a year in the ‘Fortaleza Ozama’ in the historic old town of Santo Domingo. I have already written two articles about this in the past:

Zoneo Fest 2019 – A street food festival in Santo Domingo’s Colonial Zone

What if Dominicans are organizing a street food festival in the Colonial Zone? Can you expect to have more than just Sancocho and Rice with beans? Yes – I have some munchies to report during the Zoneo Festival 2019 in Santo Domingo!


However, I was completely surprised to find a passionate cook from Arequipa with some original recipes from Peruvian cuisine. In addition to the joy of this rare opportunity to get to know a Peruvian in the Dominican Republic, the first doubts crept in as to whether the food he offered from his rolling truck would come close to the exquisite gastronomic art from the Andes.

I sprained my stomach in Baños del Inca in 2018 when I ate freshly prepared ceviche on the street. Since then, I’ve always been a little cautious about home-made ceviche. After all, I didn’t want to experience this health problem again.

But these doubts were quickly dispelled after the first bites. Luis Daniel Pacheco prepares high-quality food in Peruvian style with his rolling cart called ‘Peru Street Food’. My stomach will proudly confirm that.

In the following video sequences, he explains in Spanish the Peruvian recipes and why they are so different from Dominican cuisine:

Luis has made his job his calling and offers Peruvian dishes that come very close to the original. If you want to find out more about Luis and his passion, follow him on his official Instagram channel:


But now I was interested in a high-priced variant in an exclusive environment. After all, the Dominican Republic is particularly known for its exclusive resorts. As a result, the dishes they offer there must also be exclusive.

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