5 reasons to live in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo (April 2021 UPDATE)


Reason 2 to live in the Colonial Zone: It’s probably the most artistic neighborhood of Santo Domingo

If we disregard the cultural and historical background of Santo Domingo, I can promise that the Colonial Zone has very much to offer for younger artists as well. Whether you are a passionate photographer, musician, or lover of the other beaux-arts, the Colonial Zone might be the best place to find like-minded artists and free spirits.

  • Calle Gral Cabral in Santo Domingo (1)
  • Calle Gral Cabral in Santo Domingo (2)
  • Calle Gral Cabral in Santo Domingo (3)
  • Calle Gral Cabral in Santo Domingo (4)

I think, that it is appropriate to call the Colonial Zone a big open-air museum that offers much inspiration for everyone. You find much good-looking graffiti, handcrafted artwork, and performance artists everywhere you go. And there is so much to see in the Colonial Zone, that you might much time to enjoy everything there is within these 0.4 square miles (approximately 1 square kilometer).

Santo Domingo Pop 2020 festival
One of my favorite exhibitions: Recycled guitars

One of these many things to do and explore is the regular free concerts that happen usually every Sunday next to the ruins of San Francisco. Grupo Bonye plays there every Sunday evening and there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of people celebrating life until late night. Unfortunately, these events are postponed until further notice due to Covid.

But once it’ll be possible again, you can dance to dance to Bachata, Merengue and Salsa music in the middle of the street. Or just have a snack and drink and observe both acoustic and visual spectacle.

Grupo Bonye

In any event: The Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo gives you a very peculiar impression of an ancient spirit combined with an artistic temperament. It’s not only worth seeing, but it’s also worth living there.

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