5 reasons to live in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo (April 2021 UPDATE)

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Reason 3 to live in the Colonial Zone: Best nightlife in Santo Domingo

Well then. I hope that you are currently living in your best years and are young and dynamic. Why do I say that? Because the Colonial Zone has to offer a great variety of dedicated nightcrawlers. Whether you are looking for good restaurants, bars, discos, or clubs: You won’t find a higher agglomeration of these types of establishments outside of the Colonial Zone.

No other area in Santo Domingo offers a more versatile nightlife than the Colonial Zone. I wouldn’t call the Colonial Zone at the same time a paradise for partyers. Other neighborhoods also have something to offer for young people. But all good establishments are too far away from each other to combine them in one single night. In the Colonial Zone, you can literally stumble from door to door and will always find people with the same nocturnal spirit and ambitions.

Carnaval 2020 en la Zona Colonial en Santo Domingo (19)
One of the many festivities in the Colonial Zone: Carnaval Virreinal at Plaza Colón

You can find at Plaza Duarte, Plaza Colón or Plaza España always some pre-partys starting around 10-11pm. People bring their speakers, guitars, and drinks to join and tune into the loud nightlife in the Colonial Zone. It’s always something going on there and funny to observe.

The only downside is the closing time at 3 am due to law reasons. That’s quite early if you want to party ‘all night long’. At least if you ask me. I am used to other Latin American countries. The parties in Barranco in Lima or at Plaza Foch in Quito lasted a little bit longer than that and shift to some underground and hidden clubs. In the Colonial Zone, I only discovered one semi-hidden location, where all the persistent party animals from other clubs and bars wander after 3 am.

In any event: You have also to deal with the consequences of the noises, garbage, lights, etc. close to where you live. These types of emissions are at first glance difficult to accept and get used to. But I also managed that and arranged with all the nocturnal craziness in the Colonial Zone. To be honest: I would prefer to live at a place again, where I have the nightlife right on your doorstep.

A Piña Colada for me – With great service!

Taking always expensive and dubious taxis at night is not better and how I would like to arrange the evenings. Taxis and Uber drivers were never easy to find at night and were always quite pricy. To avoid the terrible traffic chaos at night in the Colonial Zone, just move to the Colonial Zone.

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