5 reasons to live in the colonial zone of Santo Domingo (April 2021 UPDATE)

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Reason 5 to live in the Colonal Zone: Greater tolerance for minorities

Well. I have no idea who you are, reading my article. Are you white, black, yellow, green, or candy-striped? A man, a woman, or one of the other genders? Blond, brown, redhead, or Rasta? Young, old, or in between? European, US-American, Asian, Indian, or from the Fiji-Islands? To me, it doesn’t matter, who you are.

Everyone is welcome to read my article. The same applies to the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. In comparison to many other neighborhoods in the city, the Colonial Zone is somehow a safe harbor for all the ones who don’t really fit into the conservative and strictly catholic episteme of the Dominican Republic.


The Dominican society is a rather closed one and for foreigners, it might be difficult to get into it much less understanding/comprehending their cultural behavior. Some old Afro-American customs, papistical traditions, and conservative role models dominate and control the broader Dominican population next to other old-fashioned socio-cultural influences.

In the Colonial Zone, you’ll find many people with a broader way of thinking and such who have a very liberal attitude to life. Compared to other neighborhoods in Santo Domingo, the Colonial Zone scores by giving you a certain amount of freedom to live your life as you want to. Especially in Parque Duarte, you’ll find plenty of people every day (and especially during the weekends) who assumingly fall out of the line.

Do as you like. Not as you should.

Colonial Zone way of thinking

I would say, that the Colonial Zone is the ideal place to live for all people who are in their 20’s and 30’s and 40’s. Are you within that age range and consider moving to Santo Domingo? Probably the Colonial Zone should be your neighborhood!

That’s all for the reasons to live in the Colonial Zone. If you want to analyze together with me the other side of the shield, please click on the following link. You will find out, why it’s maybe not a good idea to move to the Colonial Zone.

Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo

5 good reasons to NOT live in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo (April 2021 Update)

Santo Domingo is the capital of the Dominican Republic and a popular destination for many tourists. However, there are as well many expats living in the oldest part of Santo Domingo. But seriously living in a neighborhood where other people celebrate, travel or party? It could be, that you somehow are simply not made for a tumultuous, chaotic and vibrant neighborhood. Read in this article more about 5 reasons why to not move to the Colonial Zone.

I hope, that I could give you support for your decision to live in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo. By giving several pros and cons from the insider’s perspective, you should now have a better imagination about the oldest part of the town.

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