7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Why Dominicans ignore workshops and prefer to repair their cars themselves

The most comprehensive answer is of course to save money. Everyone would probably do the same thing if you have the same knowledge and if the own repair would not affect the car’s safety.


I had two random encounters that were quite doubtful from my perspective of a Gringo. Let’s phrase it like that: What the following people did with their cars had never entered my thoughts and I would’ve let someone professional do their job.

Your side mirror is broken? Just tape it!

Side mirrors are not needed to drive a car. They are just additional aids, if you want to see what’s going on behind your car.

A side mirror can ,of course, break off very easily. Especially in the narrow streets of the Colonial Zone. Other drivers just don’t care what’s all around and drive regardless of the consequences and what they all could damage.

What to do when a side mirror breaks off? Workshops are too expensive – Trend goes to DIY-repairs with car issues in the Dominican Republic to save some money.

If your side mirror is broken, you can easily tape it. Still better than getting stopped by the police and paying a fine.

DIY refueling at night

The second video was recorded as well during the night. All colors will agree in the dark. But aren’t all of these DIY-tasks much easier during the day?

Just a regular question…

It’s hard for me to describe, what these two geniuses were doing in front of the house in the middle of the night.

  • Did they want to steal gasoline from the neighbor’s car?
  • Did they want to pour gasoline inside their own car?
  • Why didn’t they drive with the car to a gasoline station?
  • Or tried it by daylight when having better light conditions?
  • Try it maybe directly with a fuel canister?

So many questions and no answers…

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