7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Don’t throw trash here!

I wrote it before in another article: Santo Domingo has a serious problem with trash. People just seem careless and throw their shit just everywhere on the ground. It’s really saddening to see, how little they care about this topic and how they treat mother nature.

No functioning waste disposal system makes it really difficult for the residents of the Colonial Zone to litter their domestic refuse. There are no dustbins, no recycling systems, no garbage separation, etc.

There are of course some corners, where people just staple their garbage in front of a building in the hope the rubbish collection comes to pick it up. That doesn’t work with some of the shop owners. It’s comprehensive, that they don’t want to have trash in front of their buildings. Sometimes they place warning signs in front of a building to prevent people from littering their trash on the street.

Don’t throw garbage. Avoid getting a fine.

Why am I somehow not surprised to see that? People just don’t seem to care about these signs.

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