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Do Dominican people support Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is a phenomenal personality. It is rarely the case, that people always have an opinion about him. Whether you like him or not, he is a character of impact and keeps political discussions between the people active.

But what about the Dominican people? I see some contradictions upcoming. How to phrase it best? Donald Trump is ‘not necessarily’ for mass-immigration of Latinos into the United States. But that’s exactly what Dominicans are aiming for.

Although the life goal of most Dominican people is to leave their island and obtain US-American citizenship to live the American dream, their opinion about Donald Trump is surprisingly positive.

Some even venture to disagree against the Anti-Trump movements and shout out their sympathies with some tagged graffitis:

Support from the Dominican Republic for Donald Trump

What would be the reaction of Donatrump himself?

I thought so…

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