7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Why the Dominican laziness affects the worldwide climate change

Some say, that saving the world climate is a collective task. People have to act united towards a common goal to save the planet.

Others say, that it is a global warming lie and that one person can’t rescue the world. Instead, they prefer to let others rescue the world.

Just a sad story about how little people care about others.

  • Leaving the engine running all day? – Not important. Well, if I have to.
  • Ruining the climate with the AC? – Taking a nap in an AC-car is more convenient.
  • Spreading exhaust fumes all over the area? – Not my problem. I don’t live there, I only nap.
  • Spending gasoline for the engine? – Affordable for my individual benefit.

That’s just one of many examples. Not only from Santo Domingo or the Dominican Republic. But I saw many other people (especially taxi drivers) in Latin America taking naps for hours in their cooled cars when having a break.

She better never visits the Dominican Republic or she would be absolutely shocked about what Dominicans do fully consciously FOR the global warming

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