7 incredible but ordinary stories from the Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo



Doubtful souvenirs from the Dominican Republic

We all know these tourist shops from basically everywhere in the world. They contain 99% of souvenirs, that end up sooner or later in the garbage. Most of them are made in China and the worst quality.

I definitely hate these shops, because they don’t add any value to my vacations and try to sell unauthentic junk to the people to create a wrong image of the destination. There are thousands of these easily changeable shops in the Dominican Republic and some as well in Santo Domingo.

Dominicans tend to have a rather rustic character with some platitudinous in their vocabulary. Some would call it a macho culture. I was quite surprised, what I saw in one of the tourist shops and that they seriously try to sell it as a souvenir:

Extremely awkward and ridiculous. Not sure who made him/herself more ridiculous in that situation. The vendor or the buyer. These toys you would usually buy in erotic stores behind locked doors. But these souvenir shop owners don’t have any business ethics, nor a sense of decency.

Who of you got one at home?

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